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Introducing Achelousaurus Dinosaur

Achelousaurus dinosaur is one of the most well-known from the family of ceratopsians. It lived during the final phase of the Cretaceous period. It is related to the groups of triceratops and its closest living relative is the modern horned lizard. Achelousaurus had a very unique look that made it easily recognizable among other dinosaurs.

History of the Achelousaurus Dinosaur

The first fossil of Achelousaurus dinosaur was discovered in 1926 from the Lance formation of Wyoming, United States. After the first discovery, numerous fossils have been discovered from various other places of the United States and Canada. It was named after the Greek river god Achelous who parted with one of his horns to win a fight against Hercules as mentioned in the mythological stories.

Physical Features of Achelousaurus Dinosaur

Achelousaurus dinosaur is one of the largest animals of the family ceratopsids. Its average body length is about 10 metres and it can weigh around two and a half tonnes. It has a long frill on its head, a long bony nose horn, and two long horns on its brow. Its body is covered with a dense coat of small, sharp scales. Its eyes were very small in comparison to the size of its body, making it very difficult to detect predators.

Not only this, Achelousaurus had the ability to crunch plant material with the help of its special teeth. It had small, sharp beak and its jaw was packed with more than 1000 tiny teeth. It also had large horns, spikes and a frill which it used to protect itself from predators.

 Achelousaurus two

Habitat and Diet of Achelousaurus Dinosaur

Achelousaurus was a herbivorous dinosaur and is believed to have lived in a semi-arid environment inhabit between mound and forest environments during the late Cretaceous period. It is believed to have fed on the vegetation available in the region such as cycads and conifers.

Reproduction, Social Behaviour and Extinction of Achelousaurus Dinosaur

Achelousaurus is believed to have reproduced in the same manner as other dinosaurs of its family, by mating and laying eggs which were then incubated by the parents for a long period before hatching. Achelousaurus was a social creature, living in herds and involving in various social communication such as head-butting and flapping of frills.

Achelousaurus lived during the late Cretaceous period and went extinct due to the changing climatic conditions and the arrival of the human-induced comet theory. It is believed to have gone extinct around 65 million years ago.

Interpretation and Significance of Achelousaurus

Achelousaurus stands as an important fossil evidence that sheds light on the ancient fossil species of Cretaceous period. Its unique look, features and diet give us a better understanding of the lifestyle and reproduction of the ancient ceratopsian species. It also serves as a living reminder of the ever-changing climatic conditions and the deadly comet theory.

Achelousaurus will continue to be remembered as a unique species among the family of ceratopsians for a long time to come. Its unique features and physical attributes will definitely set it apart from the other members of its family.

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