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After centuries of Resilience: The Yew Trees of Wales

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Eternal Guardians of Wales

The Yew tree of Wales has been standing for centuries, just like a time capsule. Those ancient guardians are some of the longest living organisms in Britain, with some yews estimated to be over 5,000 years old. These trees have been a part of Welsh folklore and culture since the Iron Age and though they are scattered around Wales in small clumps, they are often seen in churchyards.

The Yew is a small tree, but one that has seen many changes in its long life. They were brought to Wales by the Druids, and were highly regarded by them. The Yew was associated with immortality and rebirth, as it’s evergreen leaves would remain even in winter, while its red-brown bark made it stand out against other trees. So revered were the Yew Trees that they became part of Welsh folklore and were seen as a symbol of protection and good luck.

After centuries of Resilience: The Yew Trees of Wales two

A Symbol of Immortality

The Yews trees of Wales are a symbol of mortality and resilience. The oldest tree in Wales is over 5,000 years old and still stands tall despite all of the changes it has witnessed. The trees are an example of how even the natural world can survive and thrive despite the many changes that take place throughout its life.

The Yews of Wales are thought to be a part of the ancient landscape and a reminder of how resilient nature can be. Welsh myths and stories were often rooted in the Yews and they were seen as a protection from evil. The trees have even been named after famous Welsh deities, with the most famous being the ‘Druidiaw’ Yews in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

The Fairies of the Yews

Welsh folklore tales often associated the yews of Wales with fairies. It was believed that if one were to pray to the yews, the fairies of the yews would grant wishes. In fact, a popular Welsh folk tale tells of a princess who lived in a nearby castle and was in love with a prince from the other side of the mountain. The princess was so desperate to be reunited with her beloved that she prayed to the yews and made a deal with the fairies. The prince was immediately returned to her and the fairy tale had a happy ending.

Legacy of Resilience

The Yews of Wales have inspired and enthralled many people over the centuries, living on as a symbol of strength and resilience. The legend of their immortality and their association with fairies and folklore make these ancient trees some of the most unique, and fascinating, landmark in the British Isles.

Through thousands of years of change and development, the Yews of Wales have continued to stand tall and proud as a reminder of what can be achieved with resilience and tenacity. Even as the world around them has changed, the Yews of Wales remain as a reminder of what can be accomplished with time, strength and endurance.

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