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Introduction to Allomaius – the Ghastly Dinosaur

The Allomaius is a fearsome creature that has been the stuff of nightmares for many since first its discovery. It is a huge creature, standing up to 15 m in length and weighing as much as five tons. The Allomaius is a theropod dinosaur, as it belongs to the Allosauroidea superfamily. It is believed to have existed in the Middle Jurassic period, which makes it one of the oldest dinosaur species known so far. Allomaius activities were mainly carnivorous, but its diet is not completely known.

The Discovery and Meaning of its Name

The first Allomaius species was discovered in Germany in 1861. Its discovery sparked a debate among biologists and paleontologists as the creature had never been seen or described before.

The term “Allomaius” is derived from the Greek words “allos” meaning “strange”, and “maios” meaning “monster”. It is an apt name for the ghastly creature for sure!

A Unique Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of Allomaius is fascinating. It had an enormous, barrel-like body that made it look like a cross between a tyrannosaur and an allosaurus. Its huge head was full of sharp teeth that could easily tear through an unlucky victim.

The creature had a great neck and powerful claws which it used to snatch up its prey. It had long hindlimbs and powerful tail which it used while hunting or avoiding danger. The hindlimbs were longer than the forelimbs and its toes had claws.

The color of Allomaius can be deduced from its fossils. It appears that the creature had a dark grey color.

Allomaius two

Behavior and Habits of Allomaius

Allomaius was an apex predator, meaning it had very few natural enemies. It was one of the larger, more powerful dinosaurs of its day, which gave it an immense advantage over other creatures. It had remarkable vision which allowed it to spot its prey from far away.

This creature usually hunted by itself in search of large prey like other dinosaurs and in some cases, even other Allomaius species. Though Allomaius had great strength and power, it is believed to have been primarily a scavenger and opportunistic predator, a behavior that helped it survive in the harsh Middle Jurassic world.

When threatened, Allomaius relied on its agility to escape and dodge predators. It was also believed to have a peculiar behavior of tracing the shadows and shadows of its predators.

The Extinction of Allomaius

Like other dinosaurs, Allomaius also faced extinction during the Middle Jurassic period due to massive environmental changes. It is believed that this species died out as early as 163 mya due to the presence of large and dangerous volcanic activities at that time.

Though the Allomaius has been extinct for a long time, its name and iconic image still remain as a source of both amazement and horror for many.


The Allomaius is truly a remarkable creature of our earth’s past. It is an iconic representation of the Jurassic period and has been the object of fascination for many generations. Despite its fearsome appearance, this creature was actually a scavenger and opportunistic predator, which speaks of its intelligence and survival capabilities. Its extinction due to environmental changes serves as a reminder to us of how delicate the balance of nature really is. We can only hope that through our collective efforts, we can help prevent another catastrophe like this one.

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