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Animals that Can Kill a African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog – A Dangerous Predator With an Unpredictable Magnetism

The African wild dog, also known as theAfrican painted hunting dog, is an awe-inspiring and whimsical creature that is one of the most feared predatory animals in the wild. Not only are these canids some of the most effective hunters on the African continent, but they’re also known for their unusual physical traits, social behaviors, and enigmatic aura. But, with such an impressive predator in the wild, which animals are capable of defeating the African wild dog?

African Wild Dog

A Comparison Of Sizes

The African wild dog is a medium-sized canid species that can range from 60-80 cm (24-31 inches) in height at the shoulder and weigh between 20-25 kg (45-55 lbs). Even though the wild dog is shorter and much lighter than a grey wolf, its size is imposing when compared to other animals, especially those within its own class.

Big cats, such as lions and leopards, are capable of killing African wild dogs due to their size, weight, and impressive strength. On average, the male African lion is about 107 cm (42 inches) tall at the shoulder and can weigh up to 180 kg (400 lbs). This puts it at a significantly greater size and weight class compared to the wild dog. Similarly, leopards can weigh up to 91 kg (200 lbs) when adults and reach 37-81 cm (14-32 inches) tall at the shoulder—this allows them to preform successful hunting tactics against wild dogs.

Toxic Animals

Some of the most dangerous animals to the wild dog are those that are highly venomous, such as the puff adder and black mamba snake, both of which can inject large amounts of deadly toxins into their prey. Although the wild dog can successfully manage other dangerous creatures, such as snakes, its thick coat and thick skin is no match for the over 1000 mg of venom that the puff adder and black mamba can inject in a single bite. These animals have enough potency within their toxins to overwhelm the wild dog’s body and lead to severe disorientation, paralysis, and even death.

Hyenas And Even Humans

Although less common, hyenas have been known to hunt and excessively kill wild dogs, especially in areas where there is a large hyena population and a small wild dog pack. Hyenas are opportunistic predators that are known to make use of their sharp teeth, powerful jaws, and strong legs to secure meals. In instances when the wild dog has ventured too close to the den or nesting area of the hyena, it is not uncommon for the hyena to attack and kill the wild dog in an attempt to defend its home. Similarly, humans are also known to hunt, kill, and consume wild dogs. This usually occurs in rural parts of Africa and can significantly reduce the wild dog population due to hunting and poaching practices.


Overall, the African wild dog is an impressive predator that has a great potential to take down a variety of animals. Its incredible speed and strength have made it a popular game animal in some parts of the continent, allowing them to dominate the predators dwelling on the African savannas. However, it also faces a variety of threats, such as large cats, snakes, hyenas, and humans, that can successfully kill and consume it. Therefore, it is important to take care while observing African wild dogs in their natural environment, as they are vulnerable to attack due to their small size and lack of defensive mechanisms.

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