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Animals that Can Kill a Python

Animal Species that Can Kill Pythons

The mighty python is one of nature’s most impressive predators, capable of taking out other reptiles and even small mammals with relative ease. But if it faced off against one of the many predators out there in the wild, who would win? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the animals with an impressive enough set of skills to take out a python.


Honey Badger

The Honey Badger is an incredibly resilient animal with a reputation of being quite fierce and aggressive. While these animals mainly feed on small rodents, honey bees, and eggs, they have been known to take out much larger prey. They have been reported taking out cobras, including king cobras, so it stands to reason that a smaller python wouldn’t stand a chance against this formidable opponent.

African Rock Python

Surprisingly, one of the animals that can take out a python is another python. The African Rock Python is one of the largest snake species in the world and is known to feed on gazelles, warthogs, and impalas. These big snakes also feed on smaller snakes, including young pythons, which they can strangle by constriction. The larger the African Rock Python, the more danger a python is in when it faces off against one.

Lions and Leopards

These two iconic apex predators tower over a python in the food chain, and could quite easily take out a python. Lions and Leopards have the advantage of being larger and possessing powerful claws and teeth that can easily tear into the skin of a python, while they also have the strength to hold a python still as they feed. These animals may look docile, but they are a force to be reckoned with.


Though these famous primates mainly feed on plant matter, gorillas have been known to take on small animals, including snakes, if the opportunity arises. With their size and strength, gorillas can quickly break a python’s back, or at least incapacitate it until it is easy prey. A Gorilla looking for a snack won’t look for a python first, but if it finds one, it won’t hesitate to attack.

American Alligator

One of the biggest natural predators in the United Sates is the American Alligator. These monsters of the wild are capable of taking on a variety of prey, including smaller pythons. Alligators are able to strangle a python with their powerful jaws, or even pull the snake underwater, where the python will have no chance of escape.


The jaguar is often referred to as the king of the beasts, and rightfully so. These big cats are some of the most powerful around and can easily take out a python as prey. Jaguars use their strong jaws and sharp claws to grip a python and immobilize it until it is easy to feed on. Though a python may put up a decent fight, the jaguar is likely to gain the upper hand quickly.

Eagles and Hawks

Birds of prey may not look like much of a match for a python, but these majestic animals are potential predators of snakes. Eagles and hawks possess impressive eyesight and can spot a python from high up in the sky and swoop down for a strike. These birds use their sharp beak and talons to grab a snake and take it to their nests, where it will become an easy meal.


Though humans may not technically count as an animal, they are one of the few predators with enough intelligence and technology to take out pythons on their own. Humans have the advantage of knowledge and tools and are able to use them to track down and trap pythons when they come across them, or to cage and contain them if they are considered a nuisance.


Pythons may seem indomitable, but they face danger of many different kinds in the wild. Many of these foes have the advantages of larger size and sharper claws and teeth and are more than capable of taking out a python for their next meal. For these predators, a python may be just the thing their hungry bellies are calling for.

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