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Baby Name Meaning of : Nishan

Meaning of Baby Name “Nishan” in Different Languages and Cultures

The name Nishan has a unique and diverse meaning in different languages and cultures. In Armenian culture, the name Nishan is associated with honor, glory, and order. It is a masculine given name that is often used as a symbol of Armenian identity and pride.

In Hindi language, the name Nishan means “sign” or “symbol.” It is often used for businesses or organizations to represent their brand or identity. The use of Nishan in this way symbolizes a sense of power and authenticity.

In Arabic culture, the name Nishan translates to “inscription” or “mark.” The name is often associated with the art of calligraphy, as calligraphers often use Nishan to refer to the mark they create with their pen. It is also associated with the idea of leaving a lasting impression, as a mark or inscription can endure for centuries.

In Turkish culture, the name Nishan is used as a title for high-ranking military personnel. It is a symbol of military honor and bravery, and is often awarded to soldiers who have displayed exceptional courage in battle.

The name Nishan is also found in various other cultures, such as Sanskrit, where it means “target” or “focus,” and in Hebrew, where it means “miracle.”

Overall, the name Nishan is a powerful and significant name that carries different meanings and associations depending on the language and culture where it is used. Whether it represents honor, symbol, inscription, military honor, target, or miracle, the name Nishan is a unique and meaningful name that has been passed down through generations in various cultures.

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