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Baby Name Meaning of : Shanaz

Meaning of Baby Name “Shanaz” in Different Languages and Cultures

The name Shanaz is a unique and beautiful name, which is commonly used in many cultures around the world. The name has different meanings in different cultures, and it holds a special significance in each. Here, we explore what the name Shanaz means in different languages and cultures.

In Arabic, Shanaz means “pride” or “glory.” This name is commonly given to girls born into wealthy or influential families as a sign of their status and importance. The name symbolizes the honor and dignity of their family and is meant to inspire them to be strong and courageous. The name Shanaz represents a person who is confident, ambitious, and has the ability to make their dreams come true.

In Persian, the name Shanaz is derived from two words, “Shan” and “Naz.” Shan means “beauty,” and Naz means “coquettishness.” Hence, the name Shanaz means “beautiful and charming.” This name is usually given to girls who possess an alluring personality and physical beauty. People with this name are believed to be gentle, loving, and romantic.

In Hinduism, the name Shanaz has a different meaning. It is a variation of the name Shahnaz, which means “beloved of the king.” This name is used to express love and affection for someone who is cherished and adored. In Hindu mythology, Shahnaz is also the name of a goddess who symbolizes compassion, kindness, and fortitude.

In Turkish, Shanaz means “princess” or “queen.” The name is a variant of the Turkish name ┼×ahane, which means “magnificent” or “splendid.” People with this name are associated with good taste, elegance, and grace. In Turkish culture, the name Shanaz is often used by families of royal or aristocratic descent, signifying their status and wealth.

In Kurdish culture, Shanaz means “the sweetest” or “the most beautiful.” People with this name are believed to possess a sweet and pleasant personality, coupled with physical beauty. The name Shanaz is commonly used by parents who wish to express their love and admiration for their child.

In conclusion, the name Shanaz carries different meanings in different cultures, but one thing is for sure: it represents beauty, strength, and grace. Whatever the meaning, the name Shanaz is a unique and beautiful name that is sure to make the person who bears it feel special and loved.

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