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Baby’s Breath

An Overview of Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath is a flower used in the decoration of many occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, Christmas time and many more. Also known as Bryophyllum Daigremontianum, it usually grows in warm climates and is categorized as a plant or wildflower that has small, soft white petals.

These fragrant blossoms, relative to the carnation, have a major place in traditional flower arrangements, especially in bride’s bouquets. Baby’s Breath plants are grown mostly in desert areas of the world, such as Arizona or Central Europe, and can grow to a height of up to four feet.

History of Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath originated in South America and was naturally found in thickets and wildflower beds. It has since become a popular flower for use in both indoor and outdoor flower arrangements, adding texture and soft charm to any bouquet.

Historically, the baby’s breath flower has held a special significance in many cultures. In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, it was believed that the flower held a power to soothe people, and it was also thought to bring forth luck and prosperity.

Additionally, Baby’s breath was thought to be a symbol of courage and ambition in the Victorian era. Many people believed that the flower’s light and fluffy petals ushered forth a feeling of airiness and independence.

Uses & Benefits of Baby’s Breath

When it comes to usage, Baby’s breath can easily be incorporated into all sorts of decorative arrangements. Its small, airy blossoms are able to fill in any gaps between larger blooms and plants, providing a bit of color and texture to the overall effect.

Additionally, Baby’s breath is highly sought after for its bright white color, which provides a simple yet elegant contrast against darker blooms in any arrangement. It is also used as an effective filler in bouquets and flowers, giving them a more balanced look.

In addition to its visual and aesthetic uses, Baby’s breath has many other benefits. It is known to be a great source of antioxidants which can help boost the immune system, as well as reduce inflammation in the body. Additionally, it is believed to help reduce stress, provide a mild sedative, and even reduce nausea.

Baby’s Breath two

Silks & Artificial Baby’s Breath Blooms

In recent years, many people have opted to use artificial or silk Baby’s Breath in their arrangements or home décor in place of real flowers. Artificial Baby’s Breath can be very beneficial to those on a tight budget, as they are much more affordable than real flowers and last much longer.

Silks and artificial Baby’s Breath also comes in a variety of colors, so you can make any arrangement or bouquet look incredibly unique and customized. While some may still prefer the real thing, they are an excellent alternative and can give an arrangement the same visual impact.

Growing & Caring for Baby’s Breath

Growing Baby’s breath from seed is relatively easy and can be done in a garden or in pots. The plant can either be grown indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference. If you do choose to grow them outdoors, be sure to pick a spot that is sunny and well drained for your plants to thrive.

Be sure to water your Baby’s breath regularly so that the soil remains consistently moist. This can be done by using a garden hose or watering can, depending on the size of your garden. Additionally, the soil should have a neutral pH and be free of weeds, as well as any other plants or flowers.

Meanwhile, if you are growing your Baby’s breath in a pot or planter, be sure to use a light soil mixture and water thoroughly. Too much water can lead to root rot or other problems, so be sure to check the soil for dryness before you water. Lastly, be sure to give your Baby’s breath plants a good dose of fertilizer every month so that they grow strong and healthy.


Baby’s Breath is a beautiful little flower that has been used as an accent in many decorative arrangements throughout the years. Not only is it known to bring luck and prosperity to those who possess it, but it also packs a few health benefits as well.

If you’re looking to bring some soft charm to any arrangement, Baby’s breath flower is the way to go. For those on a budget, there is always the option of artificial or silk Baby’s breath. It’s an incredibly versatile flower that is sure to add a bit of beauty and life to any layout.

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