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Beach Wave Hair in Minutes

What Are Beach Waves?

Beach waves may just be one of the most coveted hair styles of all time. The unique mermaid-inspired, tousled and slightly tousled texture can be worn with all sorts of styles, from high ponytails to sleek updos. Generally, beach waves have a soft, wavy texture that looks like you just rolled out of bed after a day of surfing or swimming.

The creation of beach waves on your hair may seem like an advanced technique, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can achieve beach waves in minutes with just a few simple tools, like a curling iron, a texturizing spray, and some setting spray. These tools will help you achieve the look in no time and keep it looking lively, wavy, and beautiful throughout the day.

Beach Wave Hair in Minutes two

Steps to Create Beach Waves in Minutes

Creating beach waves isn’t as complicated as you think! Check out these simple steps to master the look:

Step 1: Prep and Prime Your Hair

Before you jump into creating beach waves, make sure that your hair is prepped and ready. Start by using a heat protectant if you’re using heat styling tools. Brushing through your

hair to get rid of any knots or tangles is also very important to prevent your hair from getting damaged by the curling iron.

Step 2: Pick the Right Tools

Choosing the right tools for the job is essential. A smaller barrel curling iron with a clip will make it easier to achieve the beach wave texture. Try to find a curling iron with a ceramic coating, as this type of material is less damaging to the hair. Also, make sure to pick a heat setting that’s appropriate for your hair type.

You’ll also need some products to help you achieve the beach waves look. For starters, you should use a texturizing spray. This type of product will help add body and texture to your hair without adding any extra weight. You may also want to use a light holding spray or a setting spray to help the waves stay in place.

Step 3: Start Curling

Now it’s time to start curling your hair. Start by dividing your hair into even sections, like three or four. Clip up the rest of the hair, except for the first section.

Grab the first section of hair and start wrapping it around the barrel of the curling iron from the root all the way to the ends. Then, place the curling iron at the root of the hair and gently roll it outwards. Do this for about ten to fifteen seconds before releasing the coil and moving onto the next section.

Step 4: Shake It Out

Once you have all the sections of your hair wrapped around the barrel of the curling iron, give your hair a shake to loosen the curls. This will help create the beach wave look. You can also use your fingers to gently tug on the curls to give it more texture and dimension.

Step 5: Finish the Style

To finish the look, spray some texturizing and setting spray on your hair. This will help keep the waves in place and add some shine. You can also scrunch your hair with your fingers to help the waves look more natural, and to add volume.

Tips for Getting the Perfect Beach Waves

Creating beach waves doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some tips to help you get it right:

• Use a curling wand instead of a curling iron. A curling wand will give you more natural, loose waves than a traditional curling iron.

• Don’t curl too many sections at once. If you start with too many sections, the waves may end up looking too tight.

• Take your time. While beach waves should be created quickly, you’ll need to take your time to make sure each section is properly curled.

• Add some curl mousse or volumizing spray to your hair. This will help your beach waves look more voluminous and last longer.

• Curl your hair in different directions. Start by curling the first section of hair away from your face and then alternate with the other sections. This will give your hair some texture and dimension.


Beach waves are a timeless hair style that can be achieved in minutes! With the right tools and a bit of practice, you’ll have beachy tousled hair in no time. Follow the steps outlined in this guide and use the tips for getting the perfect beach waves to become the queen of mermaid hair.

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