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Blue-eyed Daisies

The Enchanting Blue-Eyed Daisy

The blue-eyed daisy is a captivating flower that is sure to win your heart with its charming beauty. With its distinctive blue eye-like center surrounded by vibrant petals, it is a popular garden flower that can fill any outdoor space with a wash of color.

The leading producer of blue-eyed daisy is the African nation of Ethiopia. Home to an abundance of wild flowers, Ethiopia is a horticultural paradise that has supplied gardeners worldwide with a range of unique and beautiful plants.

Blue-eyed Daisies two

The History of Blue-Eyed Daisies

The blue-eyed daisy is thought to have originated in Europe during the medieval ages. During this time, it was a popular ornamental plant and was used in paintings and books to symbolise beauty, joy and hope.

Today this flower continues to be associated with positive connotations, with its delicate and elegant blooms providing a pick-me-up to those who admire it. Whether it is a single flower presented as a symbolic gift, or a full bed of blue-eyed daisies creating a statement in the garden, the blue-eyed daisy is the ultimate representation of joy and good things to come.

Growing and Caring for Blue-Eyed Daisy

As a relatively low-maintenance plant, the blue-eyed daisy is a great choice for beginner gardeners. It can be planted directly in the soil and requires little in the way of pruning or watering. In fact, too much water can lead to root-rot and other diseases so it’s important to only water the plants when the soil is dry to the touch.

The blue-eyed daisy also handles more temperamental climates fairly well, although it may require more care if planted in a hot, dry climate. It is a hardy plant that can survive periods of drought and will usually last for many years with relatively little upkeep.

Adding a Bit of Blue to Your Garden

Whether it’s a single plant or a full flower bed, blue-eyed daisies are sure to add a touch of color and beauty to any outdoor space. Their cheerful blue petals and distinctive center instantly brightens up a garden, while the long-lasting blooms are sure to bring delight for weeks on end.

These daisies also look fantastic when combined with other brightly colored flowers. Great options include pink roses, pink or yellow geraniums, and yellow and purple crocus – all of which will help draw the eye’s attention to the captivating blue center of the flower.

Whether it’s for an individual garden or a larger landscaping project, the blue-eyed daisy is an ideal way to add a splash of color and joy to any part of the outdoors. Perfect for all level of gardeners, this is one flower that definitely deserves a spot in your garden.

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