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Can You Pet a Banded Sea Krait

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The Banded Sea Krait, also known as Laticauda semisculdis, is a sea snake found in the Indo-Pacific region. It is a species of venomous elapid snake. It is an amphibious species found in lagoons, coral reefs, estuaries and other areas near coastal waters. It is notable for having a large head and long body. It is also the only member of the genus Laticauda.

Banded Sea Krait as a pet


The Banded Sea Krait is one of the most recognizable species of sea snake due to its distinct features. It typically measures between two and three feet in length and has a flattened, triangular-shaped head. Its body is olive to black in color, with yellow or white bands running vertically along its length. The bands may fade in individuals that are under stress or in poor health.

The Banded Sea Krait is a strictly pelagic species, meaning it spends its entire life in the ocean and never comes to land. It also has the ability to stay underwater for up to two hours, allowing it to actively hunt for prey.


The Banded Sea Krait is a carnivorous species, meaning it feeds exclusively on other animals. Its diet consists mainly of little fishes such as gobies, blennies and small eel-like fish. In addition, it will also consume marine invertebrates such as crabs, shrimps and octopus.


The Banded Sea Krait reproduces by laying eggs. The female will lay between three and five eggs, which will hatch after two months. The hatchlings will measure between four and five inches in length and are likely to feed on other small fish and invertebrates.

Can You Pet A Banded Sea Krait?

No. The Banded Sea Krait is a venomous species and is dangerous to animals and humans alike. Its bite can cause immense pain, swelling and even paralysis. This is why it is always important to admire these animals from a safe distance. It is also not a good idea to try to capture or handle a wild Banded Sea Krait, as this could cause the animal great stress and even lead to its death.


The Banded Sea Krait is a fascinating species of sea snake native to the Indo-Pacific region. It has an impressive array of features, such as its large head and vertical yellow or white bands. Despite its beauty, the Banded Sea Krait is a dangerous animal and should not be handled, captured or petted in any way. If you ever see one in the wild, take the time to admire it from a safe distance.

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