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Can You Pet a Blue Racer

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Blue Racer: A Reptilian Pet

The blue racer (Coluber constrictor foxii) is a North American species of snake that belongs to the Colubridae family. It is one of the fastest snakes on the planet and has a unique and interesting beauty that many people appreciate. It has also been embraced by some people as a reptilian pet. That may come as a surprise to some, as it is a wild animal that is considered a species of least concern. So, can you actually have a blue racer as a pet?

Blue Racer as a pet

Can You Pet a Blue Racer?

The quick answer to this question is yes, you can keep a blue racer as a pet, but it is not recommended. The blue racer is one of the least domesticated wild animals and it is not advised to keep it as a pet. The live capture of wild animals for the pet trade contributes to a decline in the species’ population, and this could eventually lead to their extinction.

Although some snake breeders breed blue racers in captivity, their temperament and behavior can be unpredictable. They can become fearful and stressed, which can increase the risk of them biting you. They also require a lot of space and specialized care and diet, which can be difficult and expensive to provide. So while you can technically keep a blue racer as a pet, it is highly discouraged.

Interesting Facts About Blue Racers

These snakes have a smooth, glossy skin that is deep bluish-gray in color with a thin white trim. They have greenish-black eyes that are large and round for excellent nocturnal vision. They grow to an average length of 4 to 7 feet, but some can reach up to 9 feet. Blue racers tend to live solitary lives, although there have been times when they’ve been seen in large groups.

Blue racers are generally not venomous and they do not need to hunt, as they consume the eggs and young of other species, especially birds. They can move at an astonishing speed of 25 mph even over uneven terrain.Their speed is so fast that it has been observed that some individuals can actually shake the ground as they slither across it.

Why You Should Appreciate Blue Racers

Although some people find the blue racer to be an intimidating reptile, there is much to appreciate about them. These gorgeous snakes are excellent predators and active hunters and their speed can help them to attack their preys before they have time to flee. In addition to their hunting skills, the blue racer also occupies an important role in the maintenance of ecological systems, especially in areas with a large population of birds.

The blue racer is also an entertaining reptile to observe in the wild. Watching them slither across the ground quickly or bask in the sun is a sight to behold. The fact that they can exist in many different kinds of landscapes (from deserts to forests and wetlands) makes them even more interesting.


The blue racer is a beautiful and fascinating species of snake. Although it can often be a difficult and expensive endeavor to keep a blue racer as a pet, you can still enjoy it without getting too close by observing them in the wild. The blue racer is an important species that deserves to be respected and admired from a distance.

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