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Can You Pet a Death Adder

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Death adders are a unique species of snakes found in parts of Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia. They are highly venomous and can be a danger to both humans and animals in the wild. Death Adders have a characteristic triangular shaped head, and have a darker coloration than other snakes. The question, however, is whether or not it is possible to safely pet a death adder – can you pet a death adder?

Death Adder as a pet

The Physical Characteristics of a Death Adder

Death adders can grow up to two feet in length and are known for the distinct triangular shape of the head. They are usually black, greyish or cream in color, but can be brightly colored in some cases. Some death adders also have small patches of colored scales on their bodies, usually in the pattern of two stripes of one color and two stripes of another. Death Adders have sharp claws and long fangs, and their tails are barbed with a spiny tip.

Can You Pet a Death Adder?

The short answer to this question is “No.” Due to the threat of a bite, it is not advisable or safe to attempt to pet a death adder and it is not recommended in any way. Death adders, like any other venomous snake, are unpredictable and can bite even when they are not being handled or provoked. A bite from a death adder can be fatal and so it is strongly advised to stay away from them or to only observe them from a safe distance.

The Difference Between Petting and Handling

When it comes to dangerous animals such as death adders, it is important to remember that there is a difference between petting and handling. Petting involves a much shorter period of contact with the animal and involves a minimum of physical contact. Petting can be a way to get the animal used to human presence, but it should only be attempted by experienced handlers. Handling, on the other hand, involves an extended period of physical contact and is generally done for scientific investigation, breeding or for medical purposes.

Keeping a Death Adder as a Pet

Although it is possible to keep a death adder as a pet, it is not advisable as they are extremely dangerous when they are not handled properly. Death adders need special care and require a great deal of knowledge of their behavior and needs. They should only be kept by those who have extensive experience dealing with venomous snakes and who have the necessary equipment and cages to keep them secure. It is also important to remember that death adders are illegal to own as pets in most areas.


Can you pet a death adder? The answer is most certainly no, as they carry a great deal of risk when around humans. death Adders are dangerous venomous animals and should only be handled by experienced professionals. If you are looking for a pet, it is best to find a non-venomous snake or one of the many other animals that can be kept safely as a pet.

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