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Can You Pet a Emperor Goose

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What is an Emperor Goose?

The Emperor Goose is a type of waterfowl with a solid white body, a grey back and black legs. The body is typically between 17 – 20 inches in length. This species of waterfowl is found all over North America, inhabiting coastal areas and tundra of the Arctic. They primarily eat small invertebrates, fish, and crustaceans. They are not considered to be an easily kept domestic pet, as their habitat needs are particular and extensive.

Emperor Goose as a pet

Is it Possible to Pet and Emperor Goose?

The short answer to this question is: no. The Emperor Goose is a wild bird, and should be left as such. While it is possible to domesticate and train a wild animal, it is not recommended. The process can be damaging to the animal, and can damage their natural behavior and routines.

Furthermore, the Emperor Goose is a migratory species. It is illegal in the United States and in Canada to capture or keep wild migratory birds. In addition, the bird could be injured in the process of attempting to domesticate them, or if the animal is subjected to too much human contact.

Why Shouldn’t You Pet an Emperor Goose?

The Emperor Goose is best kept in its wild, natural habitat. Like many species of birds, it is susceptible to diseases that can be spread from humans to wild animals. These diseases could be detrimental to the bird’s health and to its environment as well.

In addition, human contact can disrupt the birds’ natural behavior. It can cause them to become aggressive or defensive in order to protect themselves. The Emperor Goose is a natural predator and scavenger, and human contact can cause them to become dependent or accustomed to human interaction, which could endanger their own safety.


In summation, petting an Emperor Goose is neither recommended nor recommended. It would be dangerous to the animal and it is illegal in many countries. The animal should be left to its natural environment to ensure its safety and wellbeing.

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