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Can You Pet a North African Ostrich

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Introduction to Can You Pet a North African Ostrich

Petting an animal that is large, strong, and wild may seem intimidating – but with a little knowledge, learning how to interact safely with a North African ostrich can change your perspective. North African ostriches are the largest of the different species, and come from the African continent, specifically the Sahara and Sahel regions. They are capable of reaching speeds up to 43 mph, often making them difficult to catch in the wild. However, when they are securely contained and with proper care, they can pose no more threat to humans than a housecat.

North African Ostrich as a pet

Learning the Basics of the North African Ostrich

The North African ostrich is the biggest kind of ostrich in the world and the most common in captivity. Ostriches have unique personalities, and the North African ostrich breed is particularly beloved amongst ostrich enthusiasts. They are generally very social animals and can appreciate human contact, if given the opportunity. North African ostriches love to keep busy and prefer an active, stimulating environment. When it comes to petting and interaction, these birds need to be approached with caution and knowledge.

Benefits of Having a North African Ostrich as a Pet

Having a North African ostrich as a pet comes with a wide variety of benefits. For starters, they make terrific animal companions, living for up to 40 years with the proper care and a secure environment. An advantage to owning a North African ostrich is that they are generally quite social and friendly, enjoying interaction and contact with their guardians. They may even give you a snuggle when they’re in the mood. Their funny personalities and quirks make them an entertaining pet, and they can even be taught some tricks.

How to Safely Pet a North African Ostrich

Though it may be tempting to just waltz up to the ostriches and give them a pet, that is not a safe way to interact with them. Wild and untamed ostriches can easily injure a human, and even tamed ones should be treated with respect. You should always prepare to gooseproof your spaces when you consider having a North African ostrich as a pet.

If you are confident that the ostrich is tame, make sure that you assume a nonthreatening stance when approaching them. You should make sure neither person is getting too close and always watch for the bird’s reactions. It’s also important to keep your hands visible to the bird so it can see you do not harbor malicious intentions.

Once you and the ostrich get comfortable near each other, you can start to pet the top of its head and scratch the base of its neck. An ostrich’s feathers are very sensitive to the touch, so it won’t appreciate hard or rough pats. A light and gentle touch is preferable as they will naturally nuzzle into your hand.

Safety Hazards of Petting a North African Ostrich

Though North African ostriches can make surprisingly sweet pets, it’s important to remember that they still possess instincts that could be dangerous. An untamed ostrich could easily kick, bite, or peck at you with their powerful legs and sharp beak. Their legs can also be surprisingly swift and they can reach speeds of up to 43 mph, so it’s important to stay alert if approaching a wild one.

When it comes to tamed ostriches, it’s still important to remember that these are huge birds that could easily knock you over. When petting these birds, make sure to stay away from its feet and its long beak, and never make sudden movements. With the correct environment and attentive care, however, a North African ostrich can make a wonderful companion.


As with any animal, petting a North African ostrich requires knowledge and caution. When done correctly, the experience can be quite rewarding, as these birds can be affectionate and enjoy interacting with their humans. Ostriches are large, strong animals, and accidents are possible. Make sure, as an owner or guest, that you have a solid understanding of how to properly and safely interact with them. With time and patience, you will have the opportunity to pet and enjoy the company of these majestic birds.

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