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Can You Pet a Oriental Hobby

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The Mysterious Oriental Hobby

The Oriental Hobby, otherwise known as the “Chinese Roller”, is a small songbird native to east Asia, and has been a part of human culture for over two thousand years. Although not as popular or well known as other pet birds, the Oriental Hobby is still a wonderful potentially pet bird to add to your family.

Oriental Hobby as a pet

The Natural Habits of Oriental Hobbies

In the wild, Oriental Hobbies are solitary birds and tend to migrate depending on the season. Their natural habitats include forests and grasslands, where they create shallow scrapes in the ground to make their nests. They feed mainly on insects such as moths, dragonflies, caterpillars, and grasshoppers.

Can you Pet an Oriental Hobby?

Yes, it is possible to have an Oriental Hobby as a pet bird. While this species of bird isn’t as popular as other pet birds, such as parrots, they are still a wonderful addition to any family. The Oriental Hobby is a shy bird, so it is important to give them time to get used to their new environment, as they require a great deal of attention and care.

Training and Bonding with an Oriental Hobby

The Oriental Hobby loves to interact and bond with their owners. You should start off by offering them the opportunity to explore their new environment and get used to their surroundings. Additionally, make sure you provide them with plenty of quiet moments of stillness so they can relax and feel secure.

With patience, you can slowly start to bond and train your pet bird. Teaching them to do simple things such as stepping onto your hand or finger can give you an opportunity to start the process. Additionally, setting up a regular reward system, like offering a treat for behaviors you would like them to exhibit, will help in the training process too.

Caring for an Oriental Hobby

Caring for an Oriental Hobby requires a great deal of preparation and research. The first step should be investing in a large, well-suited cage. It is important to have adequate room as well as plenty of toys and perches for them to occupy themselves with. Supplementary perches can be placed within the cage to make them feel more comfortable.

The diet of an Oriental Hobby vegan friendly and consists mainly of fresh vegetables, fruits and green pellets. Make sure to constantly provide your pet with fresh and clean water, and ensure they receive the necessary vitamins and minerals through the feed. Additionally, make sure to supplement their diet with vitamins and minerals that can be found in paste form which can be administered to your bird by a nutritionist.


The Oriental Hobby is a wonderful pet bird to adopt, however, it is important to do a lot of research and be patient when it comes to taking care of them. Since this species of bird is a shy bird, careful attention and plenty of patience is required to properly bond and train them.

Having the proper supplies such as a large enough cage, the right food and supplements, as well as time and patience are necessary to ensure a healthy and happy Oriental Hobby. Once you provide them this level of care, your companion pet bird won’t be so shy and you’ll be sure to have a beautiful bond that can last for many years.

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