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Can You Pet a Red-Bellied Snake

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Introduction to Red-Bellied Snakes

A red-bellied snake is a species of non-venomous snake, belonging to the Colubridae family. It gets its name from its reddish underside, which is often visible when this snake is out in the sun. In some areas, the red-bellied snake is referred to as a red-bellied racer.

Red-bellied snakes, or Storeria occipitomaculata, are found in more temperate climates of North America, mostly in the eastern half of the United States. Some populations may also be found along the coast of British Columbia as well as scattered across some parts of New York and Pennsylvania. These snakes are small, usually growing to a maximum length of no more than 15 inches.

Red-Bellied Snake as a pet

Appearance and Characteristics of Red-Bellied Snakes

The red-bellied snake has a distinct body shape, with a thin cylindrical body that gradually tapers towards the tail. It has smooth scales that are gray or muted brown on its back, and its underside is usually a bright or dull reddish colour. Its head is slightly wider than its neck, with a slightly darker crown or neck marking on the rear part of its neck.

The red-bellied snake has a unique adaptation for finding food: its scales on its snout are very sensitive to vibrations, allowing it to detect prey that could be on the ground or in the water. Given its smaller size, the red-bellied snake tends to feed on small invertebrates, such as worms, slugs, and snails.

Behavior of Red-Bellied Snakes

Red-bellied snakes tend to stay hidden and restrict activities to early morning or late evenings. Given the warm weather in their preferred climate, these snakes usually prefer damp, moist environments such as slow-moving streams, wet meadows, or marshes.

Red-bellied snakes are surprisingly social and will often gather in small groups, especially when they are seeking shelter or warmth. As they require relatively mild climates to survive, these snakes will hibernate during colder seasons.

Can You Pet a Red-Bellied Snake?

Given that red-bellied snakes are a protected species, their capture and sale for pets is illegal in some areas. As a result, it is not recommended that you attempt to pet a wild red-bellied snake. Doing so can have serious consequences, especially if the snake is protected by legislation in your area.

However, if you are able to acquire a red-bellied snake that was bred in captivity, then you may be able to pet them. Red-bellied snakes can be handled, although they may be skittish and may not be comfortable with handling. It is still recommended to be careful and gentle when handling them.

Red-bellied snakes may not be the most interactive pets, but they are fascinating to observe. With patience and care, these small snakes can make unique and interesting additions to any home.

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