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Cape Daisies

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Introduction to Cape Daisies

Cape Daisies are one of the most delightful flowers that can be found in South African gardens. They belong to the arctotide family, which is closely related to the daisy family. Their scientific name, Arctotis, is derived from the Greek ‘arktos’ meaning bear, and ‘otis’ meaning ear. This is because the flower has a hairy center that resembles a bear’s ear. Cape Daisies are known for their bright colors and strong, sweet scent, making them a favorite among flower aficionados.

Origin of Cape Daisies

Native to South Africa, Cape Daisies are found in meadows and along coastal dunes. These flowers have been adapted to the dry, windy, coastal environment typical of the Cape region. They are fast growers and can reach up to one meter in height. These hardy plants have become naturalized in many parts of the world and are now cultivated for their beautiful flowers in gardens even in places with colder climates.

Colors and Blooms of Cape Daisies

Cape Daisies have brightly colored flowers that come in shades of pink, orange, red, yellow and white. The bloom size ranges from two inches to five inches in diameter and they can have up to ten flower buds in a single stalk. Each flower bud will last up to a week, but they can also re-bloom within a few weeks if temperatures are right.

The flower’s strong scent is described as a mix between a sweet, fruity aroma and a spicy mustard scent. This combination of pleasant fragrance and beautiful colors make them a favorite with flower enthusiasts.

Cape Daisies two

Planting and Care of Cape Daisies

Cape Daisies are fairly hardy plants and are easy to care for. They prefer full sun, but can tolerate some shade. The soil should be well-draining and not overly damp as this can cause them to rot. When planting, give space for air circulation and make sure to water the soil well for good root growth.

When taking care of Cape Daisies, it is important to deadhead the flowers to promote re-blooming and to remove the spent flower heads to add more interest to the garden. Pruning the bushes at the beginning of the growing season helps it to look cozy and neat and encourages new growth. Fertilizing the plants in spring with a light fertilizer will also encourage more abundant blooms.

Additional Uses of Cape Daisies

Cape Daisies can make a lovely cut flower arrangement, or even a fragrant far memory of the Cape. If you know someone who is feeling down, a bunch of these cheerful flowers will quickly bring a smile to their face. Cape Daisies can also be used to line a driveway or an entryway, or even add charm to a garden wall. They can also be dried and used in various crafts like wreaths and floral decorations.


Cape Daisies are among the popular garden plants due to their eye-catching appearance and pleasant fragrance. They need minimal care and can thrive in both sun and shade orientated gardens. Cape Daisies are a great addition to brighten up any garden, from giving colourful blooms, up to having the additional uses of being great cut flowers and for dried flower crafts.

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