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Our Birdspedia.

Gray Hawk

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Glimpse into the World of Gray Hawk Gray Hawks, a medium-sized raptor belonging to the genus Parabuteo, are an interesting breed of birds that feature prominently in American skies. Sporting a distinctly gray plumage and… Read More »Gray Hawk


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The Fascinating World of Flying Animals In many ways, flying animals have long held a unique place in our imaginations. From the majestic birds soaring high in the sky to the swiftness of a dragonfly… Read More »Flying

Speckled Owl

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Identifying the Speckled Owl When you are looking for a unique and interesting bird to observe, look no further than the Speckled Owl. This large and attractive owl can be found throughout much of Central… Read More »Speckled Owl

Ferruginous Hawk

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Unique Facts about the Ferruginous Hawk The Ferruginous Hawk (also known as Buteo regalis) is a large, powerful hawk found throughout North America. It is one of the most distinct species of raptor, and its… Read More »Ferruginous Hawk

Tundra Swan

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Introduction to the Tundra Swan The Tundra Swan (Cygnus columbianus) is a species of large water and wetland bird native to North America. The Tundra Swan is considered one of the most beautiful birds in… Read More »Tundra Swan

Steller’s Jay

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Introducing the Steller’s Jay: The Steller’s Jay is a stunning bird that can be found in parts of western North America, ranging from Alaska to the western US and even Mexico. It is considered to… Read More »Steller’s Jay


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An Introduction to the Wonderful World of Pelicans Pelicans are a large species of aquatic birds found in multiple regions of the world. These majestic birds are renowned for their extraordinary beauty, grace, and adaptability… Read More »Pelican


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Introduction to Cormorant Cormorants are a family of birds that inhabit every continent in the world. They are also known as ‘shags’ and ‘gannets’. The most distinctive feature of this group of birds is their… Read More »Cormorant

Elenora’s Falcon

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The Mesmerizing Elenora’s Falcon The Elenora’s falcon is a species of raptor – majestic and native to the tropical regions of Africa, the Middle East, and some parts of Asia. It’s intelligent and easy flying… Read More »Elenora’s Falcon