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Fantail Blenny

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Introduction to the Fantail Blenny

The Fantail Blenny is an elegant and unique species of fish which are native to the Indian Ocean and Red Sea, ranging from the east coast of Africa to the Maldives and Indonesia. It has a fascinating form and signature feature of a fan-shaped tail which earned it its name. Reaching a maximum size of 6 inches (15 cm), it is a relatively small saltwater fish with a life span of 10 to 15 years.

Its striking appearance and ability to thrive in aquariums have made the Fantail Blenny a popular choice for saltwater aquarists. Its curved body and long fan-shaped tail are typically bright yellow with dark blue lines or dots, a stark contrast to the deep white fins. It has a plump and streamlined face punctuated by captivatingly large eyes, round and framed in dark brown.

Resources for the Perfect Tank for a Fantail Blenny

In order to create the perfect home for your new Fantail Blenny, you must provide the right resources. To successfully maintain a saltwater aquarium, two key parameters you will want to pay attention to are temperature and water quality.

Aiding with water temperature, a reliable aquarium heater should be used to keep the tank at a Constant temperature of around 72-77°F (22-25°C). To ensure a stable water quality, you will want to be sure to test pH levels, nitrite and nitrate levels, and salinity on a regular basis.

Fantail Blenny Diet

Fantail Blennies are omnivorous and will appreciate a variety of foods. One way to keep a healthy variety of foods in the tank is to feed a few different types of frozen and freeze-dried treats, such as mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, and plankton. Other food sources that can be used are spirulina, seaweed sheets, Nori, and herbivore-specific flakes.

Make sure to feed your Fantail Blenny twice a day. When feeding, all food should be given the desired size and no more, as overfeeding can lead to water pollution.

Fantail Blenny two

Tank Mates and Behavior

Fantail Blennies can be kept with other similar-sized, peaceful fish. When kept with too large or aggressive fish, they can be stressed and may even stop eating. It can also be kept with small, peaceful invertebrates such as hermit crabs or snails.

Fantail Blennies are known for their outgoing and curious personalities but can be shy too. They love spending time exploring, browsing around the tank, and munching on algae. They tend to show aggressive behavior towards other Blenny species and should be housed one at a time unless they are in a large aquarium.

The Benefits of Keeping a Fantail Blenny

Aside from its beautiful colors, The Fantail Blenny can be a great addition to the aquarium since they help to keep the algae population in check.They are also great scavengers and will clean up any small food pieces that are left in the tank, thus making your tank clean and providing a healthy environment.

Another advantage of having a Fantail Blenny is that they can help reduce the stress levels of other tank inhabitants. They usually get along with other tank mates and their presence can act as a calming factor in the aquarium.


The Fantail Blenny is a great addition to any saltwater aquarium. Not only for its vibrant colors and personality but for its algae cleaning potential, as well as its ability to thrive even in low pH levels. With the right resources, care, and tank mates, you can have a healthy and happy Fantail Blenny in your home aquarium.

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