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Flat Sleeper Goby

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The Flat Sleeper Goby is one of the most unique and interesting species of fish that you will ever find. It is an inhabitant of freshwater streams, rivers and ponds and thrives in a variety of water conditions. It’s a cleverly camouflaged fish with its sleek, oval shaped body and large eyes. It’s also a member of the goby family, which are well known for their intelligence, playfulness and ability to follow patterns and develop feeding behaviors.

Not only is the Flat Sleeper Goby an incredibly fascinating fish, it is also incredibly rare. Despite its rarity, it has gained some popularity in the aquarium hobby due to its distinct appearance and inquisitive nature. As you will see, the Flat Sleeper Goby is a truly unique fish that is sure to add some interest to any aquarium.


The Flat Sleeper Goby is an oval shaped fish that can typically range from 8-11 cm (3.5-4.5 inches) in length. It has an almost translucent, shiny body that appears almost uniform in color, usually silvery-grey to dark brown. The back and sides of the fish are marked with many small brown spots and alternating bars, which adds to its interesting appearance. Its face is a mixture of light and dark shades and its large eyes are highly visible.

The main distinguishing feature of the Flat Sleeper Goby is its flat body shape as it is a bottom dweller. Its soft, flat body allows it to hide and skulk along the substrate of its home in order to avoid predators.


The Flat Sleeper Goby is found in freshwater habitats throughout Southeast Asia, including India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. It is usually found in slow-moving rivers and streams, particularly near sandbanks and submerged logs, but can also be found in shallow ponds and lakes.

The Flat Sleeper Goby prefers warm and slightly acidic waters, with temperatures ranging between 20-26 ˚C (68-79˚F). The pH of its habitat should be between 6.0-8.0, with mild or low hardness levels. It is also important to note that if the water becomes too polluted it can be fatal to them.


In the wild, the Flat Sleeper Goby is an opportunistic feeder that scavenges for food throughout its habitat. Its diet primarily consists of small crustaceans, aquatic insects, algae, and occasionally plants.

In an aquarium setting, the Flat Sleeper Goby should be offered a varied diet of meaty and vegetable-based foods. Veggie flakes, Spirilina pellets, and live foods such as bloodworms, blackworms, and brine shrimp should all make up the main staple of its diet. Frozen foods can also be fed as treats.

Flat Sleeper Goby two


The Flat Sleeper Goby is an incredibly inquisitive fish. In the wild, it is constantly searching its environment for food, shelter and potential mates. In an aquarium setting, it is always active and alert, which makes it a joy to watch.

It is also known to be timid, so it’s important to provide plenty of hiding places such as caves or decorations. The fish should also be kept with other peaceful species, as it will be intimidated by any aggressive ones.


The Flat Sleeper Goby is a difficult species to breed in captivity. To be successful in breeding them, the tank should be a minimum size of 40 gallons and the temperature should be raised to 28˚C (82˚F). The water should also be soft and slightly acidic.

It is also important to ensure that the Flat Sleeper Goby is well nourished before breeding, as malnourished fish will not breed. The best way to ensure that they are properly nourished is to provide them with a varied diet of meaty and vegetable-based foods.

Once the breeding conditions are adequate, spawning is likely to occur. The female will lay her eggs which can hatch within 3–10 days depending on the water temperature. The fry should be fed small live food such as baby brine shrimp and micro worms.


The Flat Sleeper Goby is a truly unique and fascinating fish that is sure to add interest to any aquarium. Its distinct appearance and inquisitive nature make it a pleasure to observe, and its difficulty to breed makes it a challenge for any aquarist.

The Flat Sleeper Goby is, however, a rare species, so it’s important to make sure that it is properly cared for and only obtained from a reputable source. But if you do get your hands on one of these remarkable fish, you are sure to appreciate its beauty and personality.

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