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Forget Me Nots

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A Symbol of Remembrance – Forget Me Nots

The tiny, decorative flowers known as Forget Me Nots has captivated the hearts of many due to its unique little beauty. Although they may be small and seemingly insignificant, they still make a lasting impression everywhere they are seen.

Meaningful in both their beauty and purpose, Forget Me Nots have been used by many throughout history to signify love and remembrance. Often passed from one loving heart to another, these little flowers have special meaning for many whenever they are gifted.

The History and Origin of Forget Me Nots

The Forget Me Not has long been a token of remembrance. It’s believed that the flower first gained its notoriety during the medieval times when a knight and his lady separated. Before they said their tearful goodbyes, the knight pulled a small, blue flower growing nearby and proclaimed it to be a “forget me not.”

The flower’s humble but beautiful beginnings were rooted in the medieval times. Today, the flower is popularly used to represent the sentiment of never leaving or forgetting the ones we love.

Different Meaning and Symbolism of Forget Me Not Flower

The Forget Me Not has varying meanings throughout different cultures. To some, the Forget Me Not is a reminder of faithfulness and trustworthiness. It encourages us to remain loyal in all of our relationships, even when things become challenging.

In other cultures, the Forget Me Not is a symbol of friendship and companionship. It’s often the go-to flower for those who want to say “you’re my best friend and I’ll never forget you.”

No matter what sentiment it’s given to express, the Forget Me Not carries with it a beautiful message of love, loyalty, and remembrance.

Forget Me Nots two

The Colors and Species of Forget Me Nots

The Forget Me Not comes in many shapes and forms. Depending on the region and season, the flower’s yellow, white, and blue color schemes differ slightly. Additionally, the Forget Me Not comes in five main species, each of which has a unique look and texture.

The five species of Forget Me Nots are the alpine, woodland, riverbank, garden, and cornflower. The alpine Forget Me Not is a white and yellow flower while the woodland Forget Me Not is a bright shade of blue.

Riverbank Forget Me Nots grow in low, damp areas and have tiny, bell-shaped blooms. The garden and cornflower species, meanwhile, have larger, daisy-like petals.

How to Care for Forget Me Nots

One of the most endearing and notable characteristics of Forget Me Nots is their resilience. Whether they’re growing in natural environments or planted in flower beds, these little flowers can thrive in minimal care.

Forget Me Nots prefer moist soil and partial sun. If growing in a potted flower pot, the plant should be fertilized at least once a week for optimal growth. It should also be watered regularly to ensure it doesn’t dry out. Finally, the flower should be trimmed to shape and have spent blooms removed to encourage new growth.


The Forget Me Not flower is a vibrant and beautiful flower that symbolizes remembrance and faithfulness. These little blooms are most known for their delicate little petals, vibrant colors, and beloved symbolism.

And whether for a remembrance of faithfulness, companionship, or love, Forget Me Nots make a lasting impression on those around them. For those who want to send a message of remembrance, Forget Me Nots is the perfect way to do so.

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