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Grey-Banded Kingsnake

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Cool Facts about the Grey-Banded Kingsnake

The Grey-Banded Kingsnake is a reptile that is beloved for its beautiful colors, its many fascinating behaviors, and its unique place in the world. This snake species is native to parts of the southeastern United States and Mexico, and is a popular pet choice for owning a snake. They even come at a variety of sizes, making them a great choice for any tank size. Read on to learn more cool facts about the Grey-Banded Kingsnake.

The Grey-Banded Kingsnake’s Natural habitat

The Grey-Banded Kingsnake is native to the southeastern United States and Mexico. In Mexico, they inhabit Mexico’s Tamaulipas and San Luis Potosi regions. In the United States, they can be found in Texas and parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. They live in dry scrub lands and pine forests, and even seek refuge in gopher tunnels.

Grey-Banded Kingsnake Colors and Markings

The colors and markings on a Grey-Banded Kingsnake are quite beautiful and make for a very attractive snake. They have a base color of gray with bands that range from brown to yellow, with a black stripe through the center of each band. The bands are almost always broken up by the gray color, but may sometimes appear solid. This particular snake is referred to as a “ringneck” because of the rings that encircle its neck.

Grey-Banded Kingsnake Eating Habits

The Grey-Banded Kingsnake is both an active and voracious eater. In the wild, they feed on lizards, frogs, small rodents, and other small snakes. When kept in captivity, their diet should consist of appropriately sized frozen mice or rats. Snakes prefer live prey, so if you choose to do so, you should make sure to supervise the feeding process to avoid any potential harm to the snake.

Grey-Banded Kingsnake two

The Grey-Banded Kingsnake’s Temperament

The Grey-Banded Kingsnake is an incredibly docile and easy-going snake. They have an affinity for human handling, and in the presence of humans, may even perform mysterious displays of swimming-like movements. As long as their diet is managed, a Grey-Banded Kingsnake can make for a wonderful pet.

Reproduction and Lifespan of the Grey-Banded Kingsnake

The Grey-Banded Kingsnake reproduces by laying eggs. A female will lay up to 8 eggs, which are then incubated for an average of 50 days before hatching. The lifespan of the Grey-Banded Kingsnake can be up to 20 years.


The Grey-Banded Kingsnake is a lovely reptile with an interesting set of behaviors and traits. With gorgeous colors and markings, these snakes make for an excellent choice when it comes to owning a snake as a pet. Add in their voracious appetite and docile temperament and you have yourself a wonderful companion. If you are looking for a friendly, easy-going snake that is sure to draw attention and keep you entertained, the Grey-Banded Kingsnake is the perfect choice.

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