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Hidden Beauty of the Markovac Forests

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The Markovac Forests, located in central Serbia, are a hidden beauty. This vast and mostly untouched forest is home to some of the most remarkable animal and plant species in the world. It is also home to the Markovac Monuments, the oldest in Europe, which date back to ancient Greece. The Markovac Forests provide an unbeatable backdrop for hikers, campers, and anyone wishing to explore its unique and beautiful environment.

Geography and Climate

The Markovac Forests span a wide range of terrains and climates over its vast area. These forests are characterised by vast areas of beech and oak woodlands. This creates an incredibly diverse habitat for hundreds of species of flora and fauna. The area of the Markovac Forests is a mountainous region that can be divided into three basic zones. The southern zone is temperate, with moderate temperatures and moderate humidity levels. The central zone is somewhat cooler, due to the higher altitudes and some areas of snow. The northern zone is known for its harsher climate, with prolonged snow cover and lower temperatures.


The Markovac Forests are an important habitat for much of Serbia’s wildlife. It is home to numerous birds, such as Griffon Vultures, Egyptian Vultures, and Eurasian Hazard. Mammals are also plentiful in the region, such as the Eurasian Lynx, Red Fox, Wild Boar, and Brown Bear. There are also many reptiles and amphibians in the region, making it an ideal habitat for many of Europe’s creatures.

Hidden Beauty of the Markovac Forests two


Markovac Forests are home to a substantial selection of plants as well. The entire forest is composed of sturdy beech and resinous oak trees. These trees offer an excellent backdrop to the region’s many other specimens of flora. The area also features herbaceous species, such as carpobrotus, thymelaea, and yerba santa. There are also many species of shrubs and flowers, such as laburnums, common Lilacs, and blue cornflowers.

Markovac Monuments

The Markovac Forests are also home to the Markovac Monuments. These ancient remains from place from the times of classical Greek colonization of the region offer a unique glimpse into the history of the Markovac Forests. The Markovac Monuments are some of the oldest in Europe, dating back to 5th century B.C.

These monuments are made up of different ruins and ruins of towns. They contain some of the most exquisite examples of Greek architecture, with many columns and columns flanking important buildings. Many of these ruins are protected by the local authorities and are open for visitors to explore.


The Markovac Forests are a hidden beauty that few people know about. Its vast area of diverse terrain and climates provide an unbeatable backdrop for hikers, campers, and wildlife enthusiasts. Furthermore, its array of wildlife and antiquity make it an unbeatable destination for anyone wishing to explore its unique and stunning environment. The Markovac Forests provide an unforgettable experience with something to offer everyone.

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