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Hippo Tang

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The Hippo Tang – A Unique and Fascinating Aquatic Creature

The Hippo tang, also known as the Chevron tang or Hippo tangos, is a beautiful and interesting species of fish found in tropical waters around the world. It is distinguished by its unique pattern of stripes and spots, and is considered to be one of the more attractive species of tang. In the wild, Hippo tangs can reach up to 20 inches in length, making them one of the larger species of tang available.

Physical Description of the Hippo Tang

The Hippo tang is easily distinguished from other tangs by its pattern of stripes and spots. It is typically colored yellow or orange with horizonal stripes and blotches of black scattered across its body. The colors can vary between individuals; some are brighter and more colorful than others. The fins are usually yellow or orange with some black on them. The area around the eyes is usually brighter in color.

Diet and Feeding Habits of the Hippo Tang

The Hippo tang is a herbivore, meaning it feeds mainly on plant matter. In the wild, it has been observed grazing on seaweed and algae growing on rocks and coral reefs. In home aquariums, it should be fed mainly a variety of algae-based foods such as dried seaweed, blanched vegetables, and algae pellets or wafers. It may also eat some types of prepared foods, but due to its sensitive digestive system, it is best to stick to natural algae-based foods. In addition, it should be given plenty of space to graze and roam around the tank.

Behavioral Habits and Social Nature of the Hippo Tang

The Hippo tang is a peaceful species, usually not exhibiting any aggressive behavior towards other fish. They are active fish and like to roam around the tank, and they prefer to have plenty of open swimming space available. They also enjoy swimming through caves and other closed-up areas.

Hippo tangs prefer to be kept in small groups of three or four, and they may even form a loose hierarchical structure. It is important to provide enough space within the tank, as they may become territorial once a hierarchy is formed.

Hippo Tang two

Tank Requirements for the Hippo Tang

The Hippo tang is a large species, and as such it requires a fairly large tank. An aquarium of at least 120 gallons should be sufficient to house a group of four to five Hippo tangs. The aquarium should also have plenty of rocks and hiding places for the fish to hide in when it feels threatened. The tank should also have a layer of algae and other plant material to provide grazing opportunity.

Handling and Care of the Hippo Tang

Hippo tangs are hardy and relatively easy to care for, making them a good choice for beginning aquarists. Despite their robustness, it is still important to maintain the water quality of the tank, as these fish are susceptible to environmental stress. It is also important to provide them with the proper diet and adequate space to roam, to ensure long-term health and well-being.


The Hippo tang is an interesting and beautiful species of fish that makes a great addition to home aquariums. With their distinctive pattern of stripes and spots and their relatively peaceful nature, they are sure to add a unique and fascinating touch to any tank. With the right diet, ample space to roam, and good water quality, the Hippo tang can provide years of enjoyment for the aquarist.

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