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How to Do a Lay-Up in Basketball

How to Do a Lay-Up in Basketball

Basketball is an exciting and fun sport to play. A great way to get points in basketball is through a lay-up, which is when a player takes a shot from close distance to the hoop. Learning how to do a lay-up provides a great advantage when playing basketball. In this article, you will learn how to do a proper lay-up in basketball.

Step 1: Prepare to Catch the Ball

When playing basketball, the game starts with a pass from a teammate and you should be prepared to catch it. Therefore, the first step in learning how to do a lay-up is to practice catching the ball. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and your body should be ready to move. When catching the ball, you should use both your hands to grab it and place it in the shooting pocket of your hand. Be sure to secure the ball with your fingertips and have your shooting hand below the basketball.

Step 2: Approach the Hoop at the Right Angle

Once you have possession of the ball and have it secured in the pocket of your shooting hand, it is now time to approach the hoop. As you are approaching the hoop, you want to make sure that you are doing so at a good angle from the basket. This is important because it will give you more room to set up for your lay-up, as well as giving you the best possible chance of making the shot.

Step 3: Take a Power Step

When approaching the hoop, you will want to take a big power step towards the basket. This step should be taken with your opposite foot (if shooting with your right hand, take a power step with your left foot) and you should lean your body in towards the basket. This step is important because it will help you generate more power for the lay-up and will help you avoid a defender’s reach for the ball.

How to Do a Lay-Up in Basketball two

Step 4: Lift Up

After taking the power step, the next step is to lift up and prepare for takeoff. As you are rising, you should also be tipping your body to the side of the hoop. Doing this will help you make enough space to execute the shot. As you are taking off, make sure that your head is up and your eyes are focused on the rim. This is important so you don’t end up shooting the ball too high or too low.

Step 5: Complete the Lay-Up

Once you have jumped into the air and have focused on the rim, it is now time to complete the lay-up. You should complete the lay-up by releasing the ball with your shooting hand and aiming for the backboard. When your arm comes down, be sure to follow through with the ball as if you were shooting a free-throw. This will increase your accuracy and help you make the shot.

Step 6: Follow Through and Rebound

After completing the lay-up, you should immediately follow through with your arm movement to make sure you shot the ball properly. As you do this, you should also be preparing to rebound in case your shot is blocked by a defender or if the shot doesn’t go in. Rebounding is a great way to get the ball back and take another shot (hopefully a better one) at the basket.


Lay-ups are a great way to score in basketball and can be great tool to have in your arsenal. When done correctly, a lay-up can give you the advantage you need to score over your opponents. Following the 6 steps outlined above, you can now properly execute a lay-up in basketball and dominate the court.

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