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How to Do Archery Like a Pro

How to Do Archery Like a Pro

Archery is an activity that has been around since mankind could fashion the tools it takes to practice the sport. Through using bows and arrows, archers can hone their skills and recreationally hit targets from the most forgiving of distances to distances so demanding that only experts can succeed at it. For those looking to get into archery, there’s no better time than now to give the sport a try. Here we’ll discuss how you can take archery from an activity to something you can master.

Get the Right Gear

First, the archer must have the correct gear necessary to practice their craft. This will mean different things for different archers, as not everyone has the same skill level. Those just starting won’t need the same level of gear as a more experienced archer, so it’s important to get the gear that best fits your current skill level.

For starters, you need a bow and arrows. Through trial and error, most casual archers will discover the best type of bow and arrows they can shoot with. It’s important to pay attention to your form and really observe the individual qualities of bows and arrows, such as its size and draw length, so that you can make an informed decision.

Most archers will also require a quiver to store the arrows in. There are many types of quivers that can provide additional comfort for the archer. It will also be important to have a tool for tuning and straightening your arrows as well as wax for lubricating the arrow shaft.

Learn the Basics of Archery

Once you have the correct gear it’s time to learn the basics of archery. This will include standing in the correct stance, positioning your bow, learning the sequences of how to shoot with proper form, and how to efficiently retrieve your arrows from targets.

Standing in the correct stance will help you be consistent in your shooting and work towards becoming an expert archer. This will involve placing your feet slightly apart and pointing your toes in the direction of the target. You should then slightly bend your knees while leaning and putting more weight into the back foot. This will help you anchor your posture and make slight corrections as your arrow travels towards the target.

Positioning your bow correctly is also essential if you’re looking to be an accurate archer. Most arrows should be released around the center of the bow, and most archers will feel more comfortable with a hand-shock absorption system. When training at a closer distance, you should also slightly move your bow away from the target, allowing for a more natural draw and arrow flight.

Practice Proper Sequence

From there, it’s important for archers to focus on the proper sequence involved in shooting with accuracy. This will mean one should relax their shoulder muscles and arms, take a deep breath and hold it, aim, draw the arrow back, focus on a single spot, let the breath out, and hold still before releasing the arrow. Then, archers should observe the flight of their arrow before standing again and preparing for their next shot.

Most archers that practice this sequence repetitively will increase their accuracy and become more consistent. Following this sequence can be tedious at times, but if an archer wants to remain an accurate shot, this must become second nature.

How to Do Archery Like a Pro two

Retrieving Arrows

In addition to perfecting form and aiming, an archer should also develop a method of safely and efficiently retrieving their arrows. This can become an incredibly frustrating affair if not done correctly.

A good rule of thumb is if an arrow lands on a ground targeted object such as a bullseye, it can be retrieved safely. However, if an arrow lands on a potentially dangerous object, such as another archer or a higher surface, it’s best to leave it and seek the help of a professional or a more experienced archer.

Practice Makes Perfect

When it comes to mastering archery, practice and patience are paramount. It takes time to develop the higher level skills that transform an average archer into a master. So if you are a beginner, make sure to practice your shots and gradually increase the distance of the targets as you get more comfortable.

Be sure to also hone in on your form and make sure to do this on a regular basis. This can be done by visiting the range and shooting your arrows repetitively or even through observing tutorials on archery technique.

Competing in Archery

If you want to master archery and eventually become a competitior, there are a few steps you can take. First, you will need to join an archery organization or club. Joining one of these organizations guarantees you the opportunity to hone your skills and practice with experienced competitors.

From there, you should also look into entering archery tournaments to see how your skills measure up against those of your peers. There are a few major tournaments in the archery circuit that you should look into if a competitive environment is something you have been itching for.

Once you have a good understanding of the sport, entering tournaments and competing should become second nature. With confidence and practice, anybody can become part of the archery circuit and possibly even win championships.


The sport of archery can provide all the thrills and enjoyment of shooting arrows at a target while perfecting a skill that has been around since ancient times. Whether you’re looking to do this recreationally or competitively, archery provides something for everyone. All it takes is the correct gear, knowledge of the basics, and proper practice and you’ll be an expert archer in no time.

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