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How To Learn and Master The Ancient Sport of Footvolley

How To Learn and Master The Ancient Sport of Footvolley

Footvolley is an ancient sport dating back to the 1960’s, when beach volleyball first started to become popular in Brazil. Footvolley combines elements of both beach volleyball and soccer, and is played by two teams of two players on a sand court. While the game has grown in popularity in recent years, it is still relatively unknown in the United States. In order to truly become a master of this ancient sport, you need to understand the basics of game-play, the necessary skill sets, and the most popular variations of Footvolley.

Equipment and Court

The most basic pieces of equipment needed for Footvolley are a volleyball, a sand court, and goals or cones. The court is set up similarly to a beach volleyball court, with a net separating the two halves of the court. The goal or cones are generally placed 5 – 10 yards on either side of the net and are used to score points. The standard size of a Footvolley court is 16 meters by 8 meters, but if space is limited, it can be shortened to a length of 10 – 14 meters to accommodate your needs.


Footvolley follows the same basic rules and regulations as beach volleyball. Each team is allowed a maximum of three contacts, usually the feet and the head, to get the ball over the net and into the opponents court. The ball must stay inside the court boundaries but can be hit anywhere within the opponents court to score a point. Points can also be scored if the opponents fail to return the ball over the net. The game continues until one team reaches the predetermined points needed to win.

How To Learn and Master The Ancient Sport of Footvolley  two

Skill Sets

In order to become a master of Footvolley, you must develop a variety of skill sets. First and foremost, a keen sense of anticipation and positioning is essential for the successful execution of Footvolley. This means you must always be aware of the position of the ball and your partner in order to determine where you should be in order to anticipate the opponents shots. Additionally, strong foot-eye coordination is also essential in order to control the ball and make powerful shots. Practice is essential in order to develop and hone your reflexes and control, as well as your ability to pass and set the ball for your partner. You must also develop a reliable serve to reliably get the ball over the net, as well as quick and agile footwork to be able to move around the court with ease.


Over the years, Footvolley has become an increasingly competitive sport, and as such, various variations on the game have emerged. These variations are designed to spice up the game and make it more challenging, as well as increasing the stakes by raising the points needed to win the game. Some of the most popular variations include “Powervolley”, in which points can only be scored if a player passes the ball while touching the court with only one foot, “Skydrop”, in which the ball is served from above the net and must be caught in the air, and “Dbl-Volley”, in which points can only be scored if the team returns the ball over the net in two consecutive hits.


Footvolley is a unique and exciting sport that combines elements of beach volleyball and soccer. In order to become a Footvolley master, you must familiarize yourself with the basics of the game, develop the necessary skill sets, and learn the popular variations. Doing so can open up a whole new world of experiences and options for Footvolley enthusiasts. With practice, passion, and dedication, you can elevate your game and become a Footvolley master.

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