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How to Play Fun Croquet

How to Play Fun Croquet

Croquet is an enjoyable outdoor game that combines strategy, skill, and fun. With up to eight players, the object of the game is to hit your ball through a series of hoops, known as wickets, and be the first to reach the finish. Croquet is simple to learn, but to master the game, one needs to practice, practice, practice they say.


To embark on a journey of mastering the game, you must first have the necessary equipment. The basic equipment you need include mallets, balls, wickets, and a court.

Mallets: There are two different types of mallets, the traditional wooden mallet and the newer plastic mallet. When selecting a mallet, you want to look for one that is lightweight and comfortable. You may need to experiment with different styles and weights to see which type works best for you.

Balls: Croquet balls are typically made of plastic or resin and come in multiple colors. For team games, each team typically has a designated color. In addition to color, you need to consider the size and weight of the ball. The heavier the ball, the more control you have when playing.

Wickets: Wickets are usually made of metal and are spaced in a specific distance around the court. They often come in diverse sizes, weights, and shapes. When selecting which ones to use, consider how durable and tough they are. You don’t want the wickets to become dislodged if the mallet strikes them too hard.


Setting up the Court

Once you have the equipment ready, you can begin to set up the court. The playing area should be level and free of debris, such as rocks and tree roots, that could interfere with the game. The objective of the court is to have nine wickets spaced evenly around the outside so each player can pass through them in order. The stakes can be driven into the ground with a mallet.

Starting the Game

Now that the court is set up and you have your equipment, it’s time to get the game going. Start a game by giving each player a ball of a designated color. The starting point should be determined by each player taking a shot from a designated spot to see who is the furthest from the first wicket. The player whose ball is the farthest from the first wicket should go first. Play then moves in a clockwise fashion.

How to Play Fun Croquet two

Taking Shots

The objective of each person’s turn is to make it through each hoop in order. To hit the ball with the mallet, place your feet together and hold the mallet straight up. Then, with a swinging action, hit the ball  in the direction that you want it to move.

Advanced Shots

Once you become more proficient at the game, you can begin to master more advanced shots. The roquet shot is when you land your ball near the other player’s ball and you hit them both (or more) with one shot. You can also do a stop shot, where you put your mallet across the ball while it is at rest and you hit it in the direction you want. The jump shot is when you use the mallet to launch your ball up and over an obstruction.

Finishing the Game

The players continue to take shots until one person reaches the final hoop. At that point, the game is over and that person is declared the winner. Croquet is an enjoyable game for all ages. So, next time you’re looking for something fun to do outdoors, consider giving Croquet a shot.

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