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How to Play Tennis Like A Pro

How to Play Tennis Like A Pro

Tennis is a popular game that requires agility and coordination. Whether you are an aspiring professional or a novice, you can learn to play tennis like a pro by following a few simple steps. With a little effort, dedication and practice, you can become a competitive tennis player.

Understand the Rules of Tennis

Before you can play tennis like a pro, you must know the rules. Tennis is a game of volleys and serves. Each player or team has two or three chances to hit the ball back over the net and into the opponent’s court. A point is awarded for each successful return. The side that wins the point then serves, usually for the first point of a new game.

The court is divided into two sections: the deuce court, which covers the left and right sections, and the ad court, which is the top or bottom in the middle. The score is marked in a sequence of odd numbers. The first score is 15, the second is 30, the third is 40, and if both players or teams score three points, the scored is marked ‘deuce’. The first player or team to reach four points wins the game.

Learn the Basics of the Serve

An essential skill in tennis is serve. It is the first ball hit of the game. A great serve should land in the opponent’s service box. To have a successful serve, you must begin with a proper grip, use the right footwork and aim correctly.

When you are learning to serve, start with the continental grip. To achieve this, hold the racquet with your palm facing down. The index finger should be on the bevel located on the bottom left corner of the handle. The thumb should be straight and facing towards you.

Next, you need to position your feet to your serve. For a right-handed player, stand behind the baseline on the right side and place your left foot in front. Your knees should be slightly bent to create power and flexibility. The racket should be positioned beneath your shoulder as you hinge forward to gain momentum.

Finally, you need to aim for the opponent’s service box. Try to hit the center of the outside line of the box. This gives less time for a return. A great tip to ensure excellent serves is to practice consistency. Try to serve the same way each time, but vary the direction to keep your opponent guessing.

How to Play Tennis Like A Pro two

Learn the Volley Technique

The volleyball technique is essential to mastering the game of tennis. A volley is a shot that is hit close to the net. To perform a great volley requires good timing, positioning and coordination.

Before attempting to hit a volley, make sure to start with the right stance. Place your non-dominant foot forward and the dominant foot backward. Make sure that you are leaning forward and prepare to hit when the ball is within reach.

When the ball is within reach, turn your shoulder towards the direction of the ball and transfer this movement to the racquet. It is essential to keep your wrists loose to generate power and accuracy to your shots.

The most important technique to observe during this shot is the follow-through. After striking the ball, make sure to complete the action by continuing your forward motion. This will create a transfer of power from your body to your racquet and therefore create greater accuracy.

Practice the Footwork

Proper footwork is key when it comes to excelling in the game of tennis. As a player moves around the court, it is important to learn the crossover step, the split step and the deep step.

The crossover step is the starting point for any good footwork. Take short steps that cross over one another and head towards the ball with intent. When reaching the ball, use one of the other two steps depending on the situation.

The split step is used when you are expecting the opponent to hit a groundstroke. As the opponent hits the ball, take a split step to get prepared for the return. The split step prepares the body to move to whichever direction the ball is being sent.

Finally, the deep step is used when the opponent is serving. It is important to take an aggressive deep step to ensure a competitive return. As the opponent takes the serve, press your dominant foot which will create a better position to make a successful return.

Test Your Skills in a Game of Tennis

The last step to playing tennis like a pro is to test your skills in a game. To practice what you have learned, challenge a friend or family member in a match. Make sure that you keep track of the score and observe the techniques you have picked up throughout the article.

Learning to play tennis like a pro does require dedication and practice. With the steps above, however, you will be able to create a solid foundation for success in the game. Good luck and may the best tennis player win!

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