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How to Play the Sport of Racquetball

How to Play the Sport of Racquetball

Racquetball is one of the courting games many people of all ages enjoy playing in their leisure time. This entertaining sport has its roots traced back to the early 1900s, when Americans were looking for a way to diversify their sports portfolio. The versatile nature of this game makes it quite ideal for virtually anyone with the ambition and willingness to learn the fundamentals.

If you are looking to get started in the exciting world of professional Racquetball, this article should help you to get started faster than you thought. Here, you will learn the basics of Equipment, Warm ups, and Playing Style needed to become a successful Racquetball player.

Equipment You will Need to Play Racquetball

The first thing that you must know is the list of necessary equipment needed to play racquetball. Basic items include a racquetball racquet, wearing proper sporting attire, and a racquetball. Some players may also require a helmet, eye protection, and wrist supports.

The racquetball racquet should be of satisfactory quality and comfortable to hold. It should not be too lightweight or too heavy. The cloth you wear should be comfortable, yet breathable. The clothing should not impede your movement or vision.

The racquetball must possess sufficient bounce and be of the appropriate size- either regulation or mini-sized. It should not be too soft nor too hard. It is important to maintain the right bounce and amount of air to ensure an optimal performance throughout any racquetball game.

Warm ups Before the Game

Before playing any sport, it is important to warm up to ensure that the body is warmed up and ready to move. A few minutes of stretching followed by dynamic and activations exercises should do the trick. Begin by focusing on the muscles around the shoulders, wrists, and arm area, as they will be the most active during the game.

Once completed, you may then proceed to the racquetball court to start shooting some balls. Start by swinging your racket at the same height with a wide grip. Swing the racket from the back to the front and reverse the motion from the front to the back as if hitting a backhand shot. A good tip is to maintain the same width of grip for every shot. This ensures that your body and arms have a uniform motion and motion control.

How to Play the Sport of Racquetball two

Playing Style

Now that you have the basics in place, be sure to familiarize yourself with playing using the common serving and rally styles. During a game, the players will rotate in a clockwise motion from one side of the court to the other. Prior to starting a service, the receiver must stand at the back of the court.

The rally style is usually observed by the baseline to baseline style. During a rally, both players hit a ball in the area between the front wall and opposite back court, as well as the side wall and back wall. Whenever a player deviates from this pattern, a fault will be called and the play will be reset.

When it is your turn to serve, you must make sure to start with a closed stance and with racket back and your shoulders rolled back. Next, bring the racket forward and hit the ball so that it bounces twice off the walls and eventually lands in the designated area. Make sure to hit with precision and always keep your eyes on the ball. Always keep an eye out for your opponent’s position and always be ready to return the ball.

If the other player successfully returns the ball back, the rally will usually continue until one of you makes a fault or plays an illegal shot. If you want to practice and learn more plays, it is also wise to match up with an experienced or professional player.


Racquetball is a fun and entertaining sport that anyone can enjoy and that nearly anyone can learn to play. Equipping yourself with the basics and honing your technique can help you stay competitive in the game. Beginners especially should take the time to learn the game and the equipment, before and during each game. This way, you can always keep playing and having fun with your fellow players. Following the techniques and styles mentioned in this article should give you a good foundation to start learning this game.

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