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Natural Grandeur: Fantastic Forests of the Middle East

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The Middle East is scattered with lush and magnificent forests, featuring a vast array of species. Nature enthusiasts around the world flock to the region to witness firsthand the unique and awe-inspiring scenery. The dense woods of the Middle East create an atmosphere of powerful energy and peacefulness. From the swirling streams of the Jordan River to the Red Sea, these forests offer a stunning display of Mother Nature’s grandeur.

Exploring the Jordan River

The Jordan River is the longest and most beautiful river in the Middle East. Floating along its smooth, winding course, one can take in the stunning views. Birders can spot a variety of avian species, including species of eagles, hawks, and herons. Adjacent to the array of cascading hills, the oxygen-rich waters sustain an array of marine life. Visitors can cast lines and reel in freshwater bass and carp for a delightful fish fry. Other sports, such as kayaking and rafting, are also popular activities along the river.

Diverse Flora and Fauna

Throughout the forests of the Middle East, there is an abundance of lush vegetation and unique wildlife. The region is home to many species of trees and shrubs. Visitors can take in the alluring aroma of the popular cedar tree and marvel at the giant baobab tree. The meadows also provide sustenance to the diverse wildlife of the region.

Giraffes, antelope, gazelles and other exotic creatures can be spotted merrily frolicking among the cityscape of Damascus. Among the trees and brush, one can observe the paddling black-and-white striped ibex, the regal striped hyenas, and the miniscule, playful Cape hares. To experience nature in its most untouched form, a visit to the Kazak Nature Reserve is highly recommended.

Natural Grandeur: Fantastic Forests of the Middle East two

Gorgeous Gorges

Gorgeous gorges are a popular attraction for visitors to the region. People come to hurl themselves from the dizzying heights of the canyons or take in a breathtaking view from the edges of ancient cliffs. Among the most awe-inspiring of these gorges is Wadi Rum. Carved out of sandstone, its vibrant red hue is enchanting. Standing atop its majestic peaks, it is easy to understand why the Bedouins have made this their home for hundreds of years.

The Red Sea’s Fertile Brine

The Red Sea is a turquoise jewel of the Middle East. Its deliciously salty waters provide an ideal environment for diverse marine species to thrive. The shoreline of the Red Sea is coated in sand and its ecosystems are characterized by mangroves and seagrass beds. Exploring its depths, one can see brightly colored coral reef fish, majestic rays, scores of hammerhead sharks, and sea turtles. Many species of whales and dolphins can be spotted breaching the surface.


From the Jordan River to the Red Sea, these pristine Middle Eastern forests are brimming with incredible natural grandeur. Exploring the area provides a captivating journey into a world of flora and fauna. In addition to the exotic wildlife, visitors can bask in the breathtaking gorges and take in the majestic views the region has to offer. It is a traveler’s paradise and a magical addition to anyone’s trip to the Middle East.

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