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Oriental Hobby

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The Oriental Hobby, also known as the Eurasian hobby, is a small, streamlined, agile falcon. These birds are migratory, which means they spend the winter in tropical climates, before returning to their breeding grounds in the summer months. The Oriental Hobby is one of the most elegant raptors in the sky and is one of the most fascinating birds to watch.

Physical Characteristics

The Oriental Hobby is a medium-sized raptor, identified by its black forehead and gray-brown mottled upperparts. They have a sharply pointed and distinctively bowed wingspan of around 19 to 24 inches and a tall, pointed crest. The males are distinctly darker than the females, which are paler with a brownish mottling.


The Oriental Hobby is found year-round in tropical climates such as India, Southeast Asia, Arabia, and Africa. Some individuals may be found in the Himalayas in the winter months. During the summer months, the birds move to their breeding grounds in Europe and Asia.


The Oriental Hobby is an opportunistic feeder and will consume a variety of small prey. They are particularly fond of small birds, such as larks and swallows, as well as large insects. They can also feed on small mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.

Oriental Hobby two


The Oriental Hobby is an incredibly agile raptor and is capable of catching its own prey while in flight. It is especially acrobatic and its hunting technique is very spectacular to watch. It will soar and make low-level passes with its wings in a rapid fashion, much like a hobby, for which it is named.

The birds are also known for their courtship displays, which involve males showing off their agility and flying skills in order to attract a mate. The birds also form strong pair bonds, staying together until the next breeding season.

Conservation Status

The Oriental Hobby is listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List as there is no evidence of population decline. However, its population is thought to be in decline due to habitat destruction and unsustainable hunting.


The Oriental Hobby is a stunning bird of prey which has adapted well to a variety of landscapes and climates. Its acrobatic flying skills and agility are a sight to behold, and its conservation status is a reminder that we need to take better care of our environment in order to protect beautiful species such as these.

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