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Paluxysaurus: A Unique Species of Large Dinosaurs

The Paluxysaurus is a dinosaur species of the Late Cretaceous period, which lived approximately 80 million years ago. It was a large species, measuring up to 25 feet long and weighing an estimated 3 tons. It was a member of the hadrosauridae family, which includes the iconic duck-billed dinosaurs. Paluxysaurus was a five-fingered creature and it was an adept runner; it is thought to have been an opportunistic predator that ate a range of food.

Discovery and Classification of Paluxysaurus Dinosaur

Paluxysaurus was first discovered in North Texas, in Gilmerton, during the early 1930s. It was identified by paleontologist Charles Camp and his team from the University of California. Paluxysaurus fossils were found in rocks that were about 80 million years old. Subsequent analyses classified the species as a member of the Ornithopoda, a large and diverse subclass of dinosaurs.

Distinguishing Features of Paluxysaurus

Paluxysaurus was a large, five-fingered dinosaur. It had an estimated body length of 25 feet and it may have weighed up to 3 tons. It had a long, thin neck and a large pelvis. Paluxysaurus also had sharp teeth and an enlarged jaw that was adapted for slicing through meat. The front legs of Paluxysaurus were shorter than the hind legs, indicating that the dinosaur ran rather than walked.

The Diet of Paluxysaurus

Paluxysaurus was an omnivore, meaning it ate both plant and animal material. Fossil evidence from Texas has indicated that Paluxysaurus fed on a variety of plants, including ferns, conifers, and flowering plants. It is also believed that Paluxysaurus preyed upon animals such as other dinosaurs, insects, and small mammals.

Paluxysaurus two

Behavior and Social Structure of Paluxysaurus

Paluxysaurus is thought to have been a solitary animal that did not live in herds or packs. However, it is likely that individuals of the species did interact with each other and form social groups. Paluxysaurus was also an adept runner, so it may have used its speed to escape predators when needed.

The Extinction of Paluxysaurus

For reasons that are not yet known, Paluxysaurus went extinct approximately 80 million years ago. It is possible that environmental changes caused by climate fluctuations led to the extinction of this species. It is also possible that the Paluxysaurus species was outcompeted by other types of dinosaurs, such as the hadrosaurs.


The Paluxysaurus is an interesting species of dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period. It was a large and powerful creature with an omnivorous diet. This species had sharp teeth, an enlarged jaw, and well-developed legs, giving it the strength and speed to outrun its predators. Sadly, Paluxysaurus is now extinct, along with many other large species of dinosaur. However, its fossils provide us with a fascinating glimpse into the ancient world.

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