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Prehistoric Mor’e Kalan Forest of Iran

Prehistoric Mor’e Kalan Forest of Iran: A Rich and Unforgettable Journey through Time and Forest

Iran is home to a unique and ancient site of natural beauty and archaeological importance. Nestled in the Zagros Mountains, Mor’e Kalan, or “Great Forest,” is believed to be one of the oldest forests in the world. Prehistoric Mor’e Kalan has been preserved for over ten thousand years, offering a unique glimpse into a time before the advent of man.

An expansive UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mor’e Kalan is home to a vast array of plant and animal species, many of them endangered or currently in danger of extinction. It serves as an important reservoir of biodiversity and an invaluable ecological refuge. The area is also home to some of the world’s oldest trees.

Breathtaking Beauty and Ancient History

The Mor’e Kalan Forest is perhaps best known for its breathtaking beauty. Covering hundreds of square kilometers, its deep valley and steep ridges are home to vast stands of ancient cedar, spruce, and other coniferous trees.

However, beyond this beauty lie vast archaeological treasures, with evidence of human habitation stretching back more than 10,000 years. Ancient tools, pieces of pottery and jewelry, and stone structures are all abundant in the forest, offering a direct look into the lives and struggles of man long ago.

The forest also serves as a vital connection to the region’s ancient faith, Zoroastrianism, whose adherents believe the forest to be sacred ground. The area is home to a variety of shrines, ponds, and other sites of spiritual significance, all of which offer a unique perspective on the history and beliefs of this ancient faith.

Protection and Preservation

Due to its immense importance, both environmentally and historically, the forest has endured tremendous pressure from human activity. It is currently facing a number of threats from deforestation, overgrazing, poaching, and overharvesting, all of which endanger the site’s delicate ecosystem and the unique archaeological treasures it contains.

Fortunately, the region is currently under intense protection from the Iranian government, which has taken significant steps towards preservation. These include relocating traditional villagers, creating a network of protected areas, and creating new research and educational opportunities for national and international visitors. The Iranian government is also working to promote sustainable development and ecotourism in the region, which will both bring economic opportunities to local communities and aid in the preservation of the ancient forest.

Prehistoric Mor'e Kalan Forest of Iran two

Exploring Mor’e Kalan

Exploring the ancient forest can be a wondrous and unforgettable experience. Ranging from lush valleys to snow-capped peaks, Mor’e Kalan is easy to reach and can provide a variety of activities.

Hiking is a popular activity and is a great way to take in the inimitable beauty of the wilderness while exploring the region’s archaeological treasures. The forest also features a variety of wildlife that often shows itself to visitors, including bears, wolves and other rare animals.

Other activities such as bird watching, horseback riding, and even fishing, can be found in and around the area, as well as a number of cultural experiences related to the region’s indigenous villages.

A Timeless Treasure

Mor’e Kalan is an irreplaceable treasure of global significance, and one of the world’s most ancient sites of natural beauty and historical importance. Not only does it offer an incomparable experience for visitors, but also serves as an important example of preservation for the future. So, as we explore and appreciate the ancient forest, let us also do our part to protect its timeless secrets.

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