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Preternatural Pursuits: Rainforests of Cameroon

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The Magnificent Preternatural Pursuits of the Rainforests of Cameroon

The beauty of nature is captured best in the rich rainforests of Cameroon. Nestled between the Central African Republic, Nigeria, Chad, and the Republic of the Congo sits this lush jungle, the most ancient and diverse of all. Cameroon’s rainforests provide a valuable natural resource and a link to the preternatural pursuits of bygone eras.

A Nature Reserve

Cameroon’s rainforests are protected as a Nature Reserve and have been inscribed as a World Heritage Site under the name of Sangha Trinational. They are home to over 9,000 species of plants and 550 species of animals, including 212 species of birds, 33 species of primates, and numerous reptiles and insects. A portion of the reserve covers more than 15,000 hectares of the country’s surface and spans the borders of the three countries adjacent to it. As a result, the reserve is monitored and protected by the governments of all three countries.

Exploration of Cameroon’s Rainforest

Exploration of the rainforest is a unique opportunity. With a variety of terrain and vegetation, it provides an ideal setting for a jungle adventure. From forest to mountain ranges, exploration will bring a glimpse into the preternatural projects of past civilizations.

In the northern part of the country, a large portion of the scenery is characterized by rolling hills, mountain valleys, deciduous forests, open savannah, and wetlands. This is a perfect area for trekking, bird watching, and spotting unique species of animals. The variety of flora and fauna found here make it an ideal location for studying ecology and admiring the beauty of nature.

The caves of the west part of the forest contain ancient drawings and inscriptions that offer insight into Cameroon’s pre-colonial history. On the path from Bamenda, visitors can also experience hot springs, local communities, and agricultural villages. Primates are a common sight, though some may require cautious observation.

The south of the country is full of lush mountain forests and hot springs. There, hikers can experience a true jungle with its remarkable waterfalls, hot and mineral springs, and streams. This pristine forest houses a wide variety of animals and plants and is an ideal location for bushwalking, mountain biking, and camping.

Exploration of the rainforest should commence with a guide or experienced tour operators, as the remoteness of the terrain can be dangerous. Traveling with an experienced guide ensures that visitors have a safe and enjoyable journey and come away with a comprehensive understanding of this environment’s beauty and history.

Preternatural Pursuits: Rainforests of Cameroon two

Scientific Investigations

Cameroon’s rainforest is a major center for scientific research. One of the primary objectives is to quantify the biodiversity of the region and to study the effects of conservation efforts. Scientists from around the world are conducting research on the ecology and environment, focusing on topics such as sustainable development, soil regeneration, agricultural techniques, water resources, and various other conservation-related initiatives.

The Centre for Research for the Development (CRED) at the University of Yaoundé, and the Ecole Nationale des Sciences Agricoles (ENSA) are both actively involved in research and conservation. Together they are a major source of expertise in the management and conservation of the area.


Cameroon has seen an increase in the number of eco-tourism ventures begin in the region. This new industry has created the opportunity for visitors to experience the vitality and magnificence of this ancient landscape up close. Through eco-tourism, visitors can take part in activities such as jungle-trekking, bird watching, wildlife spotting, and nature photography.

The area also provides exciting opportunities for day trips and for longer stays within the confines of the park. Family holidays and school trips to the rainforest are also available and provide invaluable experience in nature and conservation.


The remote and untamed preternatural pursuits of the Cameroonian rainforest offer an experience that is both humbling and awe-inspiring. Its spectacular scenery provides an oasis for exploration and scientific investigation. Moreover, it is a unique opportunity to influence the preservation of this valuable resource through eco-tourism and sustainable development.

The rainforest offers a plethora of activities, whether one desires to gain a greater appreciation of our natural environment, or even just to see a different side of the world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Cameroon’s rainforest provides a never-ending source of beauty and wonder and is full of mystery, breathtaking views, and unforgettable encounters with wildlife.

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