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Primeval Splendour of Wirra Wirra Forest

Introduction to the Primeval Splendour of Wirra Wirra Forest

Wirra Wirra Forest, in the Margaret River region of Western Australia is a primeval wilderness, home to an abundance of flora, fauna and birdlife, and a place of serene contemplation. Nicknamed “The Place of Wild Things”, the expanse of natural beauty is so vast and secluded, it feels as if it holds secrets untold.

The forest was cut down as a part of logging operations during the 1920’s and 30’s, and the tightly packed trees that form the canopy today are a testament to the resilience of nature, providing much-needed habitat for many species.

The Reserve Rediscovered in the 1970’s

The Wirra Wirra forest reserve was only discovered in the 1970’s, when a school teacher named Mark Willcox initiated a research project to survey and document the forest’s species and animals. He was overwhelmed by the diversity of life in the reserve and a burning desire to protect it for future generations.

Thanks to his research and advocacy, Wirra Wirra became one of the first sites in Australia to be gazetted a reserve under the National Parks and Wildlife Act in 1984.

Breathtakingly Beautiful Flora and Fauna

Today, the Wirra Wirra State Forest is home to western grey kangaroos and various species of feral cats, bandicoots and reptiles. The bird life is especially rich and provides interesting bird watching opportunities. The hoop pine dominates the area, and many species of eucalypt, palms and other native plants provide vivid colour and a beautiful backdrop to the reserve.

Primeval Splendour of Wirra Wirra Forest two

A Place of Peace and Quiet

Aside from the abundance of fauna and flora, Wirra Wirra is an excellent place to simply relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. The dense canopy and seclusion of the forest make it a perfect place for meditation. There are also marked walking trails for those who prefer to explore on foot.

The Wonders of Nature and History

Wildlife aside, Wirra Wirra is a prime example of how nature can reclaim and restore its own environment. The logging operations of almost a century ago are no longer in evidence, and the tangled undergrowth is a reminder of the powerful forces of natural regeneration.

For visitors, it is both a place of history, and a place of abundant natural beauty and startlingly pristine wilderness. There is plenty here to explore, study and marvel over, regardless of one’s interest in nature or environmental science.


For those looking for a chance to step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Wirra Wirra reserves offer the perfect retreat and a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the wondrous splendour of nature. Whether diving into the world of wildlife, enjoying a leisurely stroll or simply taking in the beauty, a visit to the Wirra Wirra offers an incomparable experience of peace and seclusion.

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