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The Mystical Raven – A Unique and Intelligent Bird

The raven is a large black bird with an impressive wingspan and a powerful presence that has been the center of many cultures throughout history. From the old Norse god Odin to the Native American tradition of giving respect to these birds, the raven is held in high esteem for its intelligence, resourcefulness, and its role as a harbinger of luck.

Appearance and Habitat of the Raven

The raven is an impressive sight, with its long, straight wings and glossy black feathers. The average length of the body is 24 – 27 inches, with males usually slightly larger than females. They have a long tail and a large, robust bill.

Ravens are found all over the world, but they prefer to live in areas near to cities, forests, and the coast. They can be seen flying around river estuaries, up in the mountains, and soaring in the open sky. In North America, they are also found in the tundra in Alaska and they are winter migrants in the western United States, Mexico, and south to Panama.

Behavior and Characteristics of Raven

Ravens are incredibly intelligent birds and exhibit an extensive array of behaviors. They are known for their playfulness and are capable of problem solving and the use of tools. They have strong social bonds, living mainly in family groups. They have also been known to form cooperative hunting and foraging groups.

Ravens are also adept at mimicry, often mimicking the calls from other birds. They have often been described as creative and resourceful, having been known to steal food from animals’ traps, use rocks as tools to crack open food, and have even been observed creating and using their own tools to access food.

Raven two

Feeding Habits of Raven

Though they eat mainly scavenged carrion, and the occasional unlucky rodent, ravens are opportunistic omnivores; they eat whatever they can find. They also eat a variety of fruits, seeds, and nuts. They will often travel in pairs or small flocks, searching for food.

Interaction with Humans

Ravens have held a special place in human culture for centuries. Different cultures around the world have attributed them with wise, noble, and mystical impressions. Odin, the chief god of Norse mythology has two ravens who fly around the world and bring him news. The Celts also attributed magical significance to ravens and associated them with the goddess of death, Morrigan.

The Native American culture has bestowed the same reverence and respect upon the raven. They are revered and respected as a powerful being and given special attention. Native Americans believe ravens to be an intermediary between the physical and spiritual world and they are often featured in traditional stories, songs, and artwork.


The raven is an impressive bird, with its glossy black feathers, powerful bill, and great wingspan. It has been the symbol of many cultures throughout history and holds a special place in the hearts of many people. It is an intelligent, resourceful, and mystical creature who has inspired respect and reverence across many centuries and continues to be a source of fascination and admiration.

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