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Seraph of The End: Slipping Into The Abyss of Despair

The Background Story of Seraph of the End

The popular manga series Seraph of the End, written and illustrated by Takaya Kagami, follows the story of a vampire apocalypse that has decimated the entire human race. It tells the story of a young school boy, Yuuichirou Hyakuya, and his fellow classmates at a vampire-controlled extermination camp. All of the children long to escape and fight back against their oppressors and seek revenge against their former captors.

Joining Yuuichirou on his journey are two other kids, Mikaela and Shinoa. These two youngsters have had a profound effect on Yuuichirou, giving him strength and guidance as he believes he is the only one of his group that can save the world from the vampire threat.

Yuuichirou eventually comes across the mysterious Mika, who is a powerful vampire possessing vast knowledge of the occult and its practice. Mika also has uncanny control over demons and he has helped Yuuichirou to gain control of his own body, in order to fight the vampires with greater strength and agility.

Together, Yuuichirou, Mikaela and Shinoa, alongside an old “comrade” of Mika, Ferid, form a vampire-hunting squad, and they swear to rid the world of the atrocities committed against humans by their captors.

Seraph of The End: Slipping Into The Abyss of Despair two

The Growing Despair of Seraph of the End

Seraph of the End has always been a dark and gritty series that highlights the despair of humanity amidst the constant threat of vampires. It is a story of loss and suffering, of hope and despair, and of never-ending conflicts between the two opposing forces.

Yuuichirou and his group quickly realize that their fight against the vampires is an uphill battle, as the searing essence of despair seeps even deeper into their souls. After many difficult battles, the group begins to feel hopeless and dejected, as their enemies appear unstoppable and their previous efforts seem fruitless.

The despair continues to get worse as the series progresses and the group realizes that even if they are able to defeat the vampires and save the world, their efforts may be for naught as society has already been so fundamentally altered by the invasion. As the story progresses, the characters’ stresses and anxieties begin to weigh down on them, leading them further and further into a spiral of sadness and desolation.

The Messianic Role of Yuuichirou

Among the humans in Seraph of the End, Yuuichirou is the only one who possesses the unique power and fortitude to take on the mighty vampires. He is seen as a messianic figure and is seen by many as carrying the burden of his team’s hopes and dreams on his shoulders. Though Yuuichirou feels the same despair as his comrades and struggles to keep his spirit intact, he never gives up, even in the darkest of moments.

Throughout the series, Yuuichirou undergoes extreme physical and mental strains and numerous transformations as he fights against powerful vampires and demons. He is a strong-willed, determined leader and proves himself to be a true hero, inspiring hope and courage in his group, even in the bleakest of circumstances and times.

Slipping Into The Abyss of Despair

For the characters in Seraph of the End, despair serves as a major motivator and a constant reminder of the darkness they must fight against. Nevertheless, the journey of Yuuichirou and his companions is not an easy one and they frequently find themselves slipping back into the abyss of despair.

From losing their loved ones to enduring cruel wounds and grappling with their inner darkness, the characters of Seraph of the End experience a variety of different sentiments and feelings, the primary among them being despair. The group continues to fight against the vampires, and despite their numerous defeats, they never give in to the oppressive despair and continue to strive towards a better future.

The characters in Seraph of the End display remarkable strength and courage, never surrendering to the darkness, even in the most dire of circumstances. They constantly strive to be better and never give up, even when they feel that they have nothing left to fight for. In the end, it is this unwavering commitment and fortitude that will eventually help them to achieve success and bring peace and prosperity to the ravaged world.

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