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Spotted Prawngoby

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Introduction to Spotted Prawngoby

The Spotted Prawngoby (Amblyeleotris yanoi) is a species of colourful fish belonging to the family Gobiidae and native to the Coral Triangle. Found in the tropical waters of Indonesia, the Philippines and northern Australia and New Guinea, the relaxed and hardy Spotted Prawngoby is a favorite of reef aquarists and makes an attractive addition to any tank.

The fish gets its name from its unique and colorful marbled spots and its unique behavior of following and hiding within the antennae of shrimp, while they are scavenging the sea floor. Its fascinating and playful nature make it one of the more enjoyable species of fish to observe.

Spotted Prawngoby two

Feature and Behavior of the Spotted Prawngoby

The Spotted Prawngoby has a colorful marbled appearance and can grow up to two to three inches in length. Its most noticeable feature is its variety of spots, which can range from small yellow, aquamarine, brown or white spots depending on its region. The male and female of this species often differ in color, with males being significantly darker.

The Spotted Prawngoby is a social, school fish and does best when kept in a group of six or more in a spacious aquarium. As a bottom-dweller, it spends its day scavenging the sea floor alongside ponies and gobies. It is a mostly peaceful fish and rarely harasses other species, but it should be kept with peaceful tankmates, since it can possibly be bullied by aggressive or semi-aggressive fish.

The Spotted Prawngoby is an active fish that often swims out in the open and tends to stay close to its host shrimp. It also will often rest among the substrate and its host shrimp’s antennae. It’s timid in nature, but will emerge with its striking coloration when feeling safe. Aquarists should keep in mind that, like other gobies, the species may jump from the tank when threatened or startled, so a lid with tight-fitting cover slots must always be in place.

Compatibility and Care

The Spotted Prawngoby is compatible with some other types of gobies, shrimp, snails, clown fish and small schooling fish such as wrasse and Chromis. It should never be kept with aggressive fish such as triggers or tangs.

The Spotted Prawngoby is a notoriously hardy species and is easy to care for, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced aquarists. It needs a well-aerated aquarium of at least 20 gallons and should be kept in groups of six or more.

The aquarium should be suitably established and matured, with plenty of rock or coral formations for the goby to hide among and plenty of well-oxygenated areas. Plenty of places to hide should also be provided, as well as regular water changes with a high-quality filter.

The Spotted Prawngoby is a reef-safe species and will not harm coral, but it does tend to graze and sift the salt bed for food. This can become quite a mess and requires frequent clean-ups and vacuums, so it is important to keep the substrate clean.

The Spotted Prawngoby is omnivorous and needs to be fed a diet of brine shrimps, mysis, blood worms, and finely chopped seafood. It also likes live food, such as plankton, especially when it first transitions to the aquarium.


The Spotted Prawngoby is an exotic and unique species of fish. Its marbled appearance and playful behavior make it a popular choice as an addition to any fish tank. Thanks to its hardy nature, the fish are easy to care for and can make a great beginner fish for those looking to set up a reef tank.

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