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Sublime Mysteries of the Himalayan Bhabar Valley Forest

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The Himalayan Bhabar Valley forest, one of the most ancient and enigmatic geological mysteries in the world, is a wild and untamed part of India that has rarely been explored by humans. Located in the foothills of the state of Uttarakhand and close to the Indo-Nepal border, the Bhabar Valley forest is separated from civilisation and human settlement by the transition zone between the Himalayas and ‘terai’ or lowland region known colloquially as the Gairsain Province. This transition zone is rich in biodiversity and has some of the most remote, wild and rugged terrain in the whole of India. It is a place of immense natural beauty, yet its sublime mystery and mysticism are rarely known outside of India.

The Bhabar forest is home to a variety of majestic wildlife species, such as the Himalayan black bear, snow leopard and the rare red panda, and the lush forests, haunting waterfalls and hidden water sources of this unique and ecologically sensitive region are the stuff of dreams. The Bhabar Valley is a place of wonder and fascination, and it is these sublime mysteries and secrets that draw a select number of intrepid explorers, photographers and adventurers every year.


The Bhabar Valley is one of the most ancient geological sites in the world, with archeological evidence suggesting it was densely populated by early humans at least 20,000 years ago. Remains of primitive tools and habitations, including stone weapons and the remains of ancient stone dwellings, have been uncovered here, evidence of a thriving population in the distant past.

In more recent times, the region was part of the Van Lingapur kingdom in the 13th Century and was later ceded to British India in the mid 19th Century. Despite its rich history, the Bhabar Valley is an isolated and largely untouched region that has managed to remain isolated from the ‘modern’ world.

Sublime Mysteries and Its Natural Wonders

The Bhabar Valley Forest is home to a number of extraordinary natural phenomena, such as the Donguri Gorge, a narrow and deep chasm filled with swirling eddies and fascinating brooks that appears to defy the laws of physics by appearing to turn uphill. A fascinating spectacle, the gorge is at its most stunning during the monsoon season and the break of dawn, when a rainbow of hues is cast across the rocky walls of the gorge.

The forest is also home to a network of underground rivers and secret caves, known locally as ‘jhores’, that are cloaked in a cloak of secrecy and have long been the source of myths and legends. The honeycomb-like subterranean passageways can be accessed with special permits granted by local authorities and are an amazing site to behold, filled with ancient rock formations and mysterious primitive symbols and artwork.

The Valley also houses one of the most mysterious and captivating spiritual sites in the world, the ‘Gardab’ temple. Located at the end of a narrow bridge, the temple is a captivating cave-like structure that is said to protect the forest’s legendary earth spirits, known locally as ‘Pittoras’. The temple is said to emanate a divinely positive energy and has been used as a healing and meditation center since ancient times.

Sublime Mysteries of the Himalayan Bhabar Valley Forest two

The Romance of the Bhabar Valley

Away from modernity, the beauty and wonder of Bhabar Valley provide a captivating backdrop to an unforgettable romantic experience. The area is rife with lush vegetation, tranquil streams and secret trails that crisscross through gorgeous natural scenery.

As night falls and the stars appear, the valley glows with a mesmerising silver light and offers a unique and captivating atmosphere to explore. Here, lovebirds can spend some unforgettable quality time together, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with only the natural wonders of the breathtaking environment for company.

The Embrace of Nature

In the Bhabar Valley, nature truly rules supreme. Hiking trails meander through lush terrain, leading to captivating sites and providing the perfect backdrop for a romantic escapade. Day adventures start at a gentle pace, with the entire forest coming alive in an array of vibrant greens, dappled sunlight and haunting mist, and as the sun sets, the Bhabar Valley’s landscape is transformed into a blissful and tranquil dreamscape.


The Bhabar Valley Forest is one of India’s most mysterious and captivating environments, blessed with sublime mysteries and a unique blend of natural and spiritual enchantment. With its wild and untamed beauty, it is the ideal escape for couples seeking some quality time together. For all its exotic wonders and captivating natural beauty, the Bhabar Valley is a place of undeniable enchantment, sure to provide wander-thirsty couples with a captivating and unforgettable experience.

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