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Tasmanian Devil vs Wombat: Australian Outback Brawl!


Australian Outback is known for its bewitching beauty and captivating wildlife. The rare species of animals found in this area have made it a popular tourist destination. One such animal which has become famous due to its quirky behavior is the Tasmanian devil. Another wild animal which co-exists with the Tasmanian devil is the wombat. Both of these animals have striking features and have gained immense popularity among the wildlife enthusiasts.

However, not many know that the Tasmanian devil and wombat often come face to face in the Australian outback. Such confrontations are always fascinating, as both the animals are tremendously strong. The sheer magnitude of the fight leads to an unforgettable and unique experience. Read the article ahead to find out more about the Tasmanian devil vs wombat – an Australian outback brawl!

Tasmanian Devil: Overview

Tasmanian devil is known for its unique, black-colored fur and extremely active behavior. It belongs to the marsupial family and can be found in the wild in the areas of Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. It is an omnivore and feeds on small animals such as birds, reptiles, insects and other small mammals.

The average size of a Tasmanian devil is about 50 cm in length and it weighs between 4 and 8 kgs. Its supremely sharp teeth are widely regarded as its weapon of choice when it comes to confronting predators. Its high-pitched screams, more often than not, discourage potential threats and rivals.

Tasmanian devils are known for their aggressive behavior. They are always looking out for prey and can often be spotted hunting in packs. If a Tasmanian devil encounters a predator or a rival, it tends to get rowdy and puts up a fight.

Wombat: Overview

The wombat, also a marsupial, is a massive animal and is native to the regions of Australia and Tasmania. It is usually found in grasslands and bushland. Wombats have profoundly strong claws and can dig multiple burrows for them to rest in and hide from predators in.

The average size of a wombat ranges from 80 cm to 1 meter and it weighs around 30 kgs to 35 kgs. Wombats are herbivores and feed on grass, shrubs, roots and barks. They are nocturnal in nature and spend most of their night time moving around and searching for food.

Wombats are generally timid animals and try to escape or hide away if they encounter a predator or a threat. But if a wombat gets cornered, it can be menacingly aggressive and dangerous.

Tasmanian Devil vs Wombat: Australian Outback Brawl! two

Tasmanian Devil vs Wombat: Australian Outback Brawl

It is relatively rare, but if a Tasmanian devil and wombat ever come across each other in the Australian outback, it triggers an intense and wild confrontation. The Tasmanian devil, due to its nocturnal nature, is usually active during the nighttime, when the wombat is still out searching for food.

Due to its smaller size, the Tasmanian devil is always quick to pounce on the wombat. It starts off by making some really high-pitched screams and trying to scare off the wombat by its sheer power. However, wombats are not easily scared and although it would be initially stunned by the Tasmanian devil’s scare tactics, it soon starts to grow in confidence.

At this point, the wombat starts to get aggressive and the fight takes a frightening twist. The Tasmanian devil is not only fast but is also very capable of unleashing powerful strikes. It uses its sharp teeth to bite hard on the fur of the wombat and is even known to draw blood during some instances.

On the other hand, the wombat, although relatively slower, is incredibly strong and uses its powerful claws to swing a formidable punch. In most cases, the wombat is able to drive away the Tasmanian devil and emerge victorious. But in some instances, the Tasmanian devil has even been known to kill the wombat, although such cases are extremely rare.


Tasmanian devil vs wombat – an Australian outback brawl – is an incredibly fascinating sight. It is an experience which will stay with you forever. Not only do these animals showcase their power but also their survival instincts. Both the Tasmanian devil and the wombat are extremely capable fighters and it is not always easy to predict the victorious outcome.

So, if you find yourself in the Australian outback, keep your eyes open for these amazing animals and hopefully you might get to witness the Tasmanian devil vs wombat – an Australian outback brawl.

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