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The Untouched Juniper Woodland of Doiran National Park, Greece

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The Untouched Juniper Woodland of Doiran National Park, Greece

Greece is a land of beauty, packed with intriguing natural features, untouched landscapes, and bountiful flora and fauna. Among the many gems of this picturesque location lies the Untouched Juniper Woodland of Doiran National Park; situated in the northern part of the country, near the Macedonian border.

The History Behind The National Park

Doiran National Park was declared as a protected area in 1969, to protect the untouched flora and fauna of the region, as well as its historical significance. Due to the Macedonian War in 1912 and others, the area was severely damaged and it was not until after the conflict that the natural beauty that exists today started to flourish.

The area is covered with captivating juniper woodlands, which are the park’s most remaining natural feature. Birdwatchers flock to the area in droves, as the juniper woodlands are the perfect habitat for various species of birds, many of which are endangered and can only be found in the region’s national park.

The Landscape and Flora of Doiran National Park

The Doiran National Park is divided into two separate parts; a low-lying coastal region, which is surrounded by cliffs and the spectacular Mount Doiran, offering panoramic views of the area. A plethora of other mountains and hills make up the park’s features.

The flora in the park comprises of various species of plants and trees, with the star of the show being the untouchable juniper woodland. A variety of shrubs and flowers are also prevalent in the park, offering visitors a vivid display of nature’s magnificence. Alongside the trees and shrubs, you can also find several medicinal plants growing in the area, such as Thyme, Iris, Papaver, Centaurea, and Juniper.

The Doiran National Park is home to more species of mammals and birds than any other area in Greece, including wolves, deer, mouflon, wildcats, and foxes. Alongside these animals, the area’s deep forests also offer shelter and nurturing to a variety of rare, local bird species such as the Eagle Owl, the Golden Eagle and the Black Stork.

The Untouched Juniper Woodland of Doiran National Park, Greece two

Activities and Opportunities Around Doiran National Park

The beauty of the untouchable juniper woodlands of Doiran National Park is not just restricted to nature lovers and photographers; this beautiful region also provides many opportunities for outdoor activites and leisure pursuits.

One of the principal activities available in the park is hiking. With miles of scenic paths and tracks, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the park’s amazing Juniper Woodland first-hand. Depending on the time of year and the availability of guides, you can also opt to go on specially organised group treks and tours.

The area also has plenty of opportunities for mountain biking, mountain climbing, and horseback riding, provided you are adequately prepared for the activity. The wide routes and trails used for cycling and hiking are carefully marked, which makes them accessible to both beginners and experienced outdoor adventurers.

Final Thoughts On The Untouched Juniper Woodland of Doiran National Park, Greece

The Untouched Juniper Woodland of Doiran National Park can quite simply be described as a paradise on Earth. It lives up to its name, possessing some of the most breathtakingly beautiful and untouched woodlands in all of Greece. Despite it being relatively unknown amongst tourists, it is definitely a hidden gem that will leave you with lasting memories. From its diverse wildlife to its exciting activities, activities, the National Park has something to offer everyone. Whether you are looking to enjoy nature trails, photograph the stunning landscapes, or take part in adventurous activities; this is the perfect location to experience a little corner of paradise in Greece.

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