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This is How a Crossbreed of Canada Lynx And Ostrich Might Look Like


Can you imagine what a crossbreed between a Canada Lynx and an Ostrich would look like? In this unique article, we will explore what a crossbreed between these two species might look like, from its physical appearance to its behaviour in the wild. It’s an interesting concept, and one that has never been experimented with in nature due to the vastly different habitats each species calls home.

The Canada Lynx is native to North America and is closely related to the Bobcat. They are shy and reclusive creatures, living in boreal forests and alpine tundra and hunt small mammals during the night. Female lynx are comparatively smaller compared to males, but on average they measure around 75-100 cm in head-and-body length with a tail length of around 10-25 cm.

On the other hand, an Ostrich is a large flightless bird, native to Africa and the Middle East. With a total average length of up to 2 metres, the male Ostrich is larger than the female. Ostrich has unique horns at the top of their head and can run up to 70 km/hr in order to defend themselves from dangerous predators.

Appearance and Characteristics

The crossbreed between a Canada Lynx and an Ostrich will have a strange yet interesting look to it. Its size will be medium to large, as it is a hybrid between a smallish animal and a giant bird. Its body will be long and slender, quite similar to an Ostrich, but with a lynx-like face and ears. Its fur will be a mix of the Ostrich’s feathery plumage and the Lynx’s thick fur, giving it a unique texture and a colour that blends brown and black. Its face will look like a Lynx with a big and slightly curved beak of an Ostrich. It will have feathers along the neck and shoulders, like an Ostrich, and fur along the body and the legs, like the Lynx. Its legs will be long and strong, like those of an Ostrich, with the strong and sharp claws of a Lynx. Its tail will be long but with a Lynx-like tip.

Dietary Habits of the Crossbreed

The diet on the hybrid between a Canada Lynx and an Ostrich will depend upon whether they are active during the day or night. If they are active during the day, they will mostly eat plants, leaves, fruits, vegetables, and insects. These food sources will provide them with a mix of proteins, carbohydrates and fibre, making their diet quite balanced. On the other hand, if they are active during the night, they will mostly hunt small mammals and reptiles, just like a wild Lynx.

It is likely that the crossbreed will have a taste for birds’ eggs, as Ostrich also has this tendency. It will also have the same prey drive as other Lynx species, and therefore can prove to be a deadly predator.

This is How a Crossbreed of Canada Lynx And Ostrich Might Look Like two

Habitat of the Crossbreed

The crossbreed between a Canada Lynx and an Ostrich may not be able to survive in the wild due to its unique genetics. This hybrid might require a special environment to live in, and so captivity might be the best option for it. It would require a large space, similar to that of a Zoo, where it can freely move around and perform natural behaviors, such as running, climbing, hunting and scavenging.

Behaviour of the Crossbreed

The behaviour of this hybrid will be quite interesting and unpredictable, depending on which attributes it inherits from its parents. On one hand, they may be shy and elusive creatures, just like the wild Lynx, and on the other hand they may be brave and fearless, like an Ostrich.

The crossbreed between a Canada Lynx and an Ostrich may exhibit a unique mix of behaviours, in comparison to its parents. It may be more social and curious than the Lynx, and less flighty than the Ostrich. It may also be more aggressive and territorial as it will possess the strength to fend off predators and establish its dominance over its peers. It may also display an interesting mix of both the Lynx and Ostrich’s mating habits, and thereby might use a combination of its calls and strutting displays to attract potential mates.


A crossbreed between a Canada Lynx and an Ostrich would be an interesting variation of both the species and can be a unique addition to the animal kingdom. It might have a unique physical and behavioural characteristics, taking a combination of its parents’ attributes. Although it can’t survive in the wild due to its hybrid genetic makeup, it can be kept in captivity and be a unique exhibit of the animal kingdom.

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