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White House, Washington, DC, USA

White House – Home of the Presidents of the United States of America

The White House is the official home and primary workplace of the President of the United States. This historical house is located in Washington, D.C., sitting proudly at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Referred to by many simply as “the White House,” it is a place of monumental history, leadership and powers. It is a site that brings in millions of tourists and bloggers from around the world each year, and is even home to the world’s oldest standing presidential residence.

History of the White House

The first President of the United States, George Washington, chose the current location for the White House in 1791. Building of the White House began in 1792, with Irish-born James Hoban selected as the lead architect. James Monroe was the first President to live in the White House, which was largely rebuilt after it was burned by British troops during the War of 1812. The White House is considered a national heritage site, and with it’s impressive features and attributes, it is one of the United States most iconic historical monuments.

Fascinating Features of the White House

Visitors to the White House are welcomed by several spectacular features. Below is a list of fascinating features that define the White House and make it such an iconic landmark in Washington, D.C. and throughout America.

  • White House North Lawn-This magnificent lawn is located on the north side of the White House, and is used for conferences, press conferences, and events. It is also a great spot for viewing the White House.
  • Oval Office-The Oval Office is located in the West Wing of the White House and is considered the symbolic centerpiece of the residence. It is the official office of the President, and also the most photographed office in the world.
  • Presidential Library-The Presidential Library is a collection of documents and artifacts from the tenure of each president. This important library is also an archive of information about the United States, its people and its culture.
  • East Wing-The East Wing is home to the White House Social Secretary and the Office of Presidential Correspondence. The East Wing is also where the President meets with distinguished visitors.
  • Grounds-This landmark property has nearly 18 acres of landscaped grounds with gardens, fountains and statues.

Tours to the White House

There are many ways to tour the White House, including self-guided tours, private tours, and tours conducted by knowledgeable and experienced guides. The White House Visitor Center is a great place to get your tour started. Here, curious visitors can check-in for tours and view an interactive exhibit that explores the history of the residence. The center also displays art and gifts from foreign dignitaries.

Due to security reasons, visitors must present valid ID and submit to security screenings to gain access to the White House. In addition, all items including cameras, food/beverages, backpacks/purses, and strollers/infant carriers are prohibited.

White House, Washington, DC, USA two

Remainder of the White House

Aside from the impressive features above and the activities the White House is actively involved in, there is the President’s family and guests. There is the First Lady’s tea, regular and formal state dinners, musical performances and other entertaining events held regularly within the White House. It is also worth noting that there is a Navy Command Center located beneath the East Wing which contains communication and possible evacuation procedures in case of a nuclear attack.

Interesting Facts About the White House

It’s easy to get lost in the White House. With its 6 levels, 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms and 412 doors, this is one house that’s sure to keep you guessing and exploring.

The White House has a movie theater called the White House Family Theater, which is 16 feet wide and 70 feet long. Here the President, members of the First Family, and guests are able to enjoy movies, videos, and other entertainment.

Finally, two First Ladies were born in the White House – Anna and Eleanor (Teddy Roosevelt’s daughters). Presidential children to be born in the White House also include Martin Van Buren’s daughter (born in the house in 1837) and Lyndon Johnson’s daughter (born in the house in 1947).


The White House has served as the home and office for many of America’s most powerful leaders. It is a place of great history and tradition, and one of the most iconic representations of a strong and proud United States of America. With its hardworking staff, fascinating features, and historical relevance, the White House is sure to remain a premier tourist destination for many years to come.

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