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Why You Should Not Hunt African Hobby

Hunting African Hobby Is Unethical, Cruel and Unjustified

African Hobby, also known as the little falcon, is a species of small falcon found from the Sahara Desert of North Africa to Somalia and Eritrea in the east. It is the smallest member of the falcon family, and renowned for its speed and agility. Hunting African Hobby is illegal in some countries, with strict regulations and guidelines governing sport or recreational hunting. This article aims to analyze the extreme inhumane repercussions that arise when somebody chooses to hunt African Hobby, attacking the moral standpoint of engaging in this cruel act as well as the ethical justification behind it.

Do not hunt African Hobby

Inhumane Impacts on African Hobby Due to Hunting

African Hobby’s bodies are extremely fragile, which means they are vulnerable to any sort of damage or injury, including wounds caused by guns or shotguns. The prospects of African Hobby’s surviving gunshot wounds are slim, with the bullet -or pellets in the case of shotguns- not only breaking their bones and tearing their flesh, but also rupturing vital organs and causing severe damage to their nervous systems. Furthermore, a single shot will put the falcon at risk of drowning in its own blood, a cruel death that can be extremely inhumane.

Additionally, the hunting of African Hobby can have a destructive effect on their populations; a single shot can kill several individuals, including juveniles and their parents, due to their close association. Furthermore, the death of an adult will leave its young helpless and exposed to predators, leading to their starvation and ultimately causing a decrease in the population numbers.

Moral and Ethical Reasons Against Hunting African Hobby

Hunting African Hobby can be considered an extremely brutal and inhumane act, in view of its potentially deleterious effects on the species not only on an individual basis, but also collectively. It is, however, the distress and suffering caused to African Hobby that elicits a strong moral standpoint on why hunting them ought to be banned. This is due to the pain and suffering they endure directly and indirectly as a result of hunting; directly in the form of physical injuries, and indirectly in the form of losing family members or being left vulnerable to predators.

From an ethical standpoint, hunting African Hobby is not justified under any circumstance. As mentioned, African Hobby are vulnerable to any kind of harm due to their fragile bodies. Therefore, hunting them for sport or recreation is highly unethical, as there can be no argument for inflicting unnecessary harm on a species that cannot defend itself.

Last Word

Ultimately, African Hobby, when viewed from a moral and ethical standpoint, offer no justification for their hunting. The impacts it can have on the species, in terms of physical, psychological and emotional harm, are far too great, and constitute a strong case against hunting. The moral and ethical implications of hunting African Hobby under no circumstances can be overlooked and it must be rightly addressed if we are to successfully protect the species sooner rather than later.

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