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Why You Should Not Hunt Australian Raven


Hunting Australian Raven has become a popular sport for many people. However, it is important to understand why this activity should not be taken up for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are ethical, environmental and economic. In this article, we will take a look at why you should not hunt Australian Raven in order to protect these valuable and majestic birds.

Do not hunt Australian Raven

Ethical Reasons

The most prominent ethical reason not to hunt Australian Raven is that they are an important and revered species in Australia. The Aboriginal people of Australia have always had a deep respect for the Australian Raven and consider them to be a powerful symbol of the land. To hunt such an integral part of Aboriginal culture is to not only disrespect the native people but to disrespect their heritage as well.

Environmental Reasons

The Australian Raven is an integral part of the Australian environment, as it serves a vital role in the ecosystem. They are a part of the food chain and help to keep the balance of other species in the wild. Hunting Ravens could deplete the population of these important predators and disrupt the ecosystem. This could have devastating consequences for many other species and result in an overall decrease in biodiversity.

Economic Reasons

Hunting Australian Raven is not only an ethical problem, but an economic one as well. Hunting Ravens could deplete their population and result in less money coming in from tourism and other activities related to the ravens. The Australian Raven is a highly sought-after species and could result in a decrease in revenue if hunted.


It is clear that there are a variety of reasons why hunting Australian Raven should not be undertaken. The ethical, environmental and economic reasons all point towards protecting this important species and preserving their population in Australia. There are a variety of other ways to appreciate the majesty of the Australian Raven aside from hunting, such as photography, bird watching and educational programs. In conclusion, it is important to be conscious of the ethical, environmental and economic implications of hunting Australian Raven to ensure the population remains healthy and continues to thrive.

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