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Why You Should Not Hunt Barnacle Goose

What is a Barnacle Goose?

A Barnacle Goose is a migratory bird from the Branta genus, bred in the subarctic regions of Northern Europe. Its unique appearance is distinguished by its beige and white plumage along with its light gray wings, short neck, and short bill. Its diet consists of aquatic plants and grasses found near coastal areas, which it can reach with its short wings, making it a highly successful species of goose.

Do not hunt Barnacle Goose

Why You Should Not Hunt Barnacle Goose

The Barnacle Goose, due to its unique diet, is a species of great interest to conservationists and hunters alike, but for different reasons. For conservation purposes, these birds play a major role in maintaining healthy ecosystems near the coasts, which is why hunting them has been restricted in certain areas.

On the other hand, some hunters are still interested in the Barnacle Goose for its meat, feathers, and thrill of the chase. If you are among those who have considered goosing hunting, here are four reasons to for why you should reconsider.

1. Geese Have Feeling Too

One of the most obvious, yet often overlooked reasons to not hunt the Barnacle Goose, is the fact that these birds, like all living creatures, have feelings. The pain of being shot and maimed is real and should be considered by hunters when considering the act of hunting. To put this into perspective – would you appreciate being shot with a gun? No, of course not.

2. Conservation Efforts

Barnacle geese are a pivotal species to many sensitive areas, making them a species of special concern and under protection. Hunting them is not only considered illegal in certain locations, it is also considered to be extremely damaging to the delicate environment they inhabit. In addition, the natural reproduction rate of Eagles has been found to be quite low, making it difficult for them to recover from hunting pressures.

3. Legal Implications

In many countries, hunting the Barnacle Goose is considered illegal and can result in stiff fines or even jail time for offenders. In some cases, smuggling or trading of Barbel geese may even be considered a federal offense. Therefore, before setting out on a hunt you should consult relevant local laws and regulations to stay within the bounds of the law.

4. It Is Not Necessary

Finally, hunting these magnificent creatures is really not necessary given their abundance in certain areas and the fact that many other meals can be enjoyed without resorting to hunting wildlife.


The Barnacle Goose is an incredible species that offers both environmental and recreational value, so when considering a hunt, you should always remember both the legal implications and ethical implications of doing so. Not only could the consequences of hunting Barnacle geese be significant, they can also be irreversible. It is always worth taking time to consider the consequences of such actions before resorting to hunting any wild species.

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