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Why You Should Not Hunt California Kingsnake

What Is a California Kingsnake?

Also known as the common kingsnake, the California kingsnake is a vibrant and eye-catching species of North American constrictor endemic to the southwestern United States and Mexico. A widely distributed reptile from the colubrid family, this endemic species is capable of reaching lengths of up to five feet and come in a variety of colors, including yellow, orange, black, and white. They particularly enjoy feasting on lizards and small rodents as well as bird eggs, leading to their distinctly aggressive behavior when confronted.

Do not hunt California Kingsnake

Reasons Why You Should Not Hunt California Kingsnakes

Hunting is a popular pastime that has been around for centuries and is still enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, the sport of hunting is often regarded as a violent and immoral activity, especially when targeting an indigenous species such as the Californian Kingsnake. For this reason, and many others, you should not hunt down a California Kingsnake.

The Kingsnake is an Endangered Species

The Californian Kingsnake is currently classified as “vulnerable” under the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species. With its natural habitat in a state of rapid decline, populations of this endemic species have dwindled significantly over the past decade.

Moreover, certain areas of the species’ habitat are threatened by human activity, such as agricultural and urbanization practices, as well as illegal, unregulated hunting and trade. These activities lead to a dramatic and, in some cases, irreversible loss of biodiversity, placing the entire species on the brink of extinction.

As such, hunting a California Kingsnake is damaging to the environment and unethical. By contributing to the demise of this species, you are actively contributing to the further depletion of the species’ natural habitats, leading to its extinction.

Kingsnakes are wild and dangerous

Reticulated pythons, and the like, California Kingsnakes are wild animals who, by nature, resist human contact and physically resist being taken into captivity. When provoked, they are capable of delivering a strong bite and viciously clutching onto their prey with their tail in an attempt to suffocate them.

In addition, these snakes are skittish and can slither away at high speeds, making them difficult to catch. This means that attempting to catch or hunt a California Kingsnake would be an ill-advised choice, as this could put yourself and others in close contact with the animal at risk of serious injury.

The Hunt For California Kingsnakes is Illegal

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) strictly prohibits hunting, possession, capture, and killing of the Kingsnake. This species is protected from needlessly becoming yet another victim of human-caused extinctions. As such, even in states and regions where the laws are not explicitly documented, it is illegal to hunt any species of Kingsnake for any purpose whatsoever.

Moreover, hunting is prohibited in areas where the trees and shrubbery provide a safe haven for these snakes to inhabit, so any attempt to hunt a Kingsnake on private or public land is considered a breach of the law and will incur strict penalties.

Invasive Species & Unregulated Pet Trade

Due to the increasing demand for California Kingsnakes as exotic pets, the unregulated pet trade has taken a heavy toll on the wild population, leading to a significant drop in their abundance in their natural habitats.

Further, the introduction of the Kingsnake to other continents and continents, such as Africa and Asia, resulted in the introduction of an invasive species. In such regions, the species has no natural predator and could cause significant damage to local ecosystems and biodiversity. This, in turn, further reduces the likelihood of the species returning to their natural habitat in the case of a successful introduction.

There Are Alternatives

While many people enjoy hunting as a leisure activity, it is important to remember that it is still an immoral activity, especially when targeting an endangered species. Thankfully, there are alternative activities that you can partake in.

For instance, the practice of bird watching has become an increasingly popular pastime for individuals who love getting close to nature but do not wish to harm it. Similarly, viewing wildlife from afar, such as becoming a part of organized field trips and excursions, could also provide a great opportunity to observe some of the rarest creatures on the planet, like the California Kingsnake.


In conclusion, hunting the California Kingsnake should be avoided for ethical and legal reasons, as well as for the sake of the species’ conservation. It is an endangered species whose habitats are under threat, and hunting is prohibited in certain areas. Furthermore, this species is wild, dangerous, and invasively abundant in some regions.

Alternatively, it is suggested that one can learn more about this endemic species without having to hunt them down, through bird watching and specialized guided tours. By partaking in environmentally-friendly activities, such as these, we can successfully help preserve the California Kingsnake’s natural habitat, as well as its population.

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