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Why You Should Not Hunt Eastern Racer

Hunting Eastern Racers is Not Wise, Here’s Why

The Eastern racer (Coluber constrictor) is a species of colubrid snake found throughout much of the Eastern United States and parts of Canada. Unfortunately, this snake, along with a number of other animal species, has been targeted by hunters in recent years.

This is an incredibly ill-advised action and there are a number of reasons why hunting eastern racers is a bad idea. This article will discuss why hunting these animals is not a good practice, and the consequences that can arise as a result.

Do not hunt Eastern Racer

The Snake is Vulnerable, Fragile, and Important to the Ecosystem

The eastern racer is a species listed as “vulnerable” by the IUCN Redlist and is currently declining in population due to a number of threats. That means this species is at risk and vulnerable to overexploitation from hunting. This could lead to population collapse, and therefore only further endanger their vulnerability level.

The eastern racer is also an important part of the local ecosystem. This species helps to keep rodent populations in check and, in turn, is an important source of food for wildlife throughout its range. Therefore, hunting these animals could have implications for the health of the whole ecosystem.

The Snake is a Protected Species

As stated previously, the eastern racer is a protected species. Hunting and killing these snakes is illegal in many parts of the United States and Canada. In the United States, recreational hunting of the eastern racer is prohibited in any area designated as a national wildlife refuge.

Furthermore, killing this species is illegal in parts of Canada, as well. In Nova Scotia, the eastern racer is designated as a species at risk, and killing the animal is strictly against the law. This means that if any hunters are caught hunting these animals anywhere in Canada, they could face steep fines and possible legal action.

The Snakes Can Bite

Another reason why hunting eastern racers is not a good idea is that these animals have sharp teeth and can deliver a nasty bite if surprised or cornered. This can be dangerous for the hunter, since some species of snakes can carry a range of infectious diseases and other parasites that can be passed on to humans. Therefore, it is advisable to steer clear of hunting eastern racers in order to stay safe.

Hunting Eastern Racers is Unethical

Finally, hunting eastern racers is also an unethical practice. This species of snake is no less worthy of respect than any other species of animal, and should be treated as such. Killing these snakes for sport or recreation is cruel, and the cons of doing so far outweigh the pros.

Therefore, in summary, hunting eastern racers is not a wise action to take. Not only is it illegal in many areas, but it is also dangerous, unethical, and can have serious implications for the local ecosystem. Therefore, hunters should opt to leave this species alone and find a less morally questionable form of recreation.

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